An alliance of cyclists whose main goal is to promote cross country racing in the US and help grow the sport in a sustainable way through supporting riders, teams and race organizers.

The best coaching program monies can buy. Seriously the main reason I am where I am today is because my coach does such phenomenal work. 
The stars have aligned and I get to race on super fast, crazy light, incredibly engineered Felt bicycles for road AND mountain.  

My drive train comes from these good people, and is basically the sweetest one-by set up one can ride. 

Creators of the worlds most versatile tire, the small block 8, which tears it up in mud, sand, loose dry stuff, on rocks... you name it, my Kenda tires can handle it. They also make other sweet tires like the Slant 6, and the Honey Badger, but I basically only want to run Small Blocks for the rest of my days...

These guys keep us going when the going gets tough, hot, long, and fast. GU brand gels keep my blood sugar levels up during races, and their Electrolyte Brew keeps me hydrated in training and racing. 

Kappius makes the lightest and widest wheels on the market (ask Brendan, he made a whole spreadsheet about it for me). Their wheels transformed my riding, and took me from a mediocre descender, to a faster than mediocre descender. Seriously a noticeable difference on these wide, kick ass rims.

Pretty sweet power meters to aid in training and to help analyze data from races. This bad boy is super reliable and the battery lasts a freaking long time!

These guys make the sickest cycling clothes around. You know that crazy cute floral kit I race in, yeah, custom, and you can design your own custom Sugoi kit through ridebikeralliance!!

Pretty sweet little local company based out of my neighborhood which makes sick titanium chainrings and other components. 

My neighbors awesome landscaping and tree care business. They care about getting me out to races and the owner even had a role in teaching me how to ride a bike!

A brewery in Orange County, these guys are the go to spot for mountain bikers and roadies a like after a long hard day on the bike. Stop by and check them out in Tustin!

The bread and butter of my time off the bike, Core Power Yoga helps me keep my core wicked strong, my mind balanced and my body limber. They have locations everywhere so it's easy to find a class at home or on the road, and every class is a wonderful experience. If you've never been you get a free week of unlimited yoga!

Laguna Rads
These guys taught me to ride a bike fast down a hill, keep me humble and are supporting me in a HUGE way this year. My World Cup travel wouldn't be possible without them!


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  2. Love! Literally as soon as I tried these stylish workout clothes on I ordered another color. They are a nice length and the waistband does not "cut" into your stomach and create rolls, which is the ultimate horror for workout gear.

  3. Who makes those Rad gloves you wore in BWR?

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