Ride Biker Alliance Team

Ridebiker Alliance is building a massive alliance of like-minded cyclists so we can influence and change the sport and industry that we love. Ridebiker is a national cycling organization, which supports the growth of the sport including the careers of individuals such as myself. Through Ridebiker I have been able to find key sponsors, create a brand and custom kit, and to race across the US (and abroad this coming year) at the elite level. I have been able to pursue the dream of making racing bikes my full time job. If you want to know more about ridebiker, what it is and how you can be involved, head on over to www.ridebiker.com and check it out. It costs nothing to join, and by becoming a member, you are helping grow the sport of cycling in a sustainable way. Plus there are tons of perks for you and your club or team! 

My team in 2014 was pretty legit, but a new year calls for some new beginnings! I don't know many deets on the new team yet, but I am going to be repping a rad shop in Orange County, ShoAir Cyclery. Check them out if you ever find yourself in SoCal!
Last year's team.


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