Wednesday, January 22, 2020

On Moving, Birthdays and What I Learned in my 33rd Year of Life

Yes, you read it right, and I'm so so torn about everything in life right now.

When we moved down to Orange County in 2011 we talked constantly about 'when we move back to Northern California'. Brendan's job at Felt brought us here, and since it was his dream job a temporary move to SoCal was what we thought we were doing. Just how temporary we didn't know though.

The day we moved into our first house.
Over the years we bought this adorable cabin, we made lots and lots of incredible friends, I trained for thousands of hours in the Santa Ana mountains, and I got a job at my absolute dream school. When we move turned into if we move and then sometime in the last 2 years when I thought about it I realized I didn't really want to move back anymore.
And then BAM, suddenly there was a Baby.
And Brendan got laid off from Felt.
And moving back to Sonoma County became a real option again, mainly motivated by wanting toots to have a relationship with both sets of grandparents (that 8 hour drive got really old really fast).

So yeah, I am crazy sad to think about leaving this ridiculously good school. I have the world's best co-workers right now, awesome students who are unreasonably caring and sweet, amazing admin and the culture at the school and district is so so good/positive/caring. It's killing me to think about giving up working at THHS. On top of that our neighborhood, which was always cool, got really good in the last two years. All the neighbors had, or are having babies, and the energy is so fun, positive and supportive. And you know my heart belongs in the Santa Ana mountains. We currently live in a place where I can choose from five 1+ hour long climbs to do my workouts on from our front door.
The house goes on the market Feb 25th though, so that's that.
I do love Sonoma county, so it's not all sad feelings over here. It's just strange to always feel just ok about one's job and then finally when you land the perfect job at the world's best school, to give it up, that's hard.

Ok, I could go on and on about how much I love Silverado, my bike commute, etc... but I can't think about it without feeling sad, so I'm moving on.

Today is my birthday, but 34 feels like an age where birthday's don't feel much different from regular days, when all you wish for is the dishes to be done by someone else haha. Brendan is currently rebuilding the fork for my hardtail though so that's a rad present!

In the past 33 years I've learned some things, a few of which I will share here:
-Bean burritos, almond butter and jelly, peanut butter and jelly - none of these food are safe to eat within an hour of doing a workout on the bike. You WILL puke them up, promise.
new kitchen
-If you buy a fix-er-up-er house DO NOT WAIT to fix-er-up until you decide to move. There is nothing worse than living in the beautiful, functional remodeled house for only the last months after 10 years of living in a dump. Just fix-er-up as soon as you move in, you wont regret it.

Ok, that's all for my deep birthday wisdom, baby is up and I need to go cuddle the snot out of her before she becomes a teenager.
Old crappy kitchen we lived with for 9 years.


  1. Orange County is losing another family of good people. I'm thankful that our paths crossed and you were a positive influence during your time here. The Connors will be missed for sure.

  2. Awesome information! I as of late ran over your online journal and have been perusing along. I thought I would leave my Ancestry first remark. I don't recognize what to say with the exception of that I have.

  3. We are really gonna miss your spirit in our close knit biking community.