Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Home Stretch and Bad Decisions

We are T- 2 weeks until the due date and completely without a kitchen. Yep, you read that right, we took the nesting instinct a little too far and ripped out our entire functioning kitchen to remodel it last week.
Before pic from Aug 6
Not sure if this counts as the worst idea ever, or the best thing we could do before bringing a pure, sweet new life into our house.

Reasons this may be a terrible idea:

1) Like every project on our house this is a much bigger job than we anticipated. We tore out the old floor, cabinets and counter top to find wiring issues, black mold, and an incredibly un-level floor. So yeah, what I though was a two week project is probably going to be more like a 3-5 week job.

2) I am becoming less and less useful every passing day. Well, actually that's kinda not true, I'm super helpful one day and then basically useless the next because I tend to over do it and then need to recover. It's been really frustrating though because I want to pull my weight, to contribute as much as possible to the manual labor involved in remodeling a kitchen DIY style, but I can't.
Current state of kitchen, yikes!

Reasons this is the best thing we could do right now:
1) The amount of rat poop and nest like material we found under the old cabinets was shocking. I knew there were rats, but it's so gross to face a decade worth of excrement with the naked eye. I am so so so glad we are cleaning this nasty nasty situation before bringing a baby home to live in this house. It feels disgusting that we have been living here for 8 years with all that poop in the kitchen. It smelled so bad when we tore out the cabinets that I couldn't even go into the kitchen without getting sick. So yeah, the kitchen will be clean, finally actually clean and I'm very happy about that.

Other things happening in week 37.5 of pregnancy are that I lost my title as the defending Leadville champ this past weekend. I have to say that of all people to win the 2019 Leadville 100mtb though, it was kinda meaningful to me that it was Rose Grant who crossed the line first on Saturday. Rose has been racing and a mother as long as I have known her (fun fact: I actually met her between practice runs and finals of the Super D at Missoula back when they had that. Rose was nursing her infant and I thought she was a wacko. Like, who does that? and also wouldn't the hormones and stuff like testosterone from intense racing get into the breast milk? and WOW, that woman is kinda awesome to be racing as a pro AND nursing a baby!) and she balances the demands of being a mother and bike racer so well. She is a testament to the idea that women are amazing and capable, and I am so inspired by her. I've also spent time with her and her daughter Layla between races and I've seen the patient mother she is, with high expectations but also an abundance of grace and love. I'm just so impressed. So yeah, seeing Rose win was pretty dang cool.
Rose hugging her daughter after winning the Leadville 100 mtb. 

Last week I recorded a podcast with my awesome neighbor Val over at SheShreds and I'm excited that it's going to be on mountain bike radio really soon! It meant a lot to me that Val asked me to be on her podcast because I am vain haha, but also because like I've mentioned before it's easy to feel irrelevant when you go from international pro mountain bike racer with a seemingly interesting life to knocked up and home all the time. I hate that I kinda fell into the same pattern I've witnessed of other pro females, of dropping off the map in the sense that I pulled way back on social media and stuff because I felt uninteresting. I wish more women I can relate to were sharing their stories about pregnancy and childbirth etc and I did the same thing my idols did, just stop posting and sharing. So thanks Val, for taking the time to talk to me, and hopefully you will find the podcast interesting, funny, or useful. I'll share a link on FB and Insta when it's live.
Hiking in Big Sur was hard but worth it!!

And a quick pregnancy update: Still feeling really good most of the time. My right arm has been falling asleep every night now for the past 5 nights and that makes it hard to sleep. We are talking crazy super painful falling asleep, and no position I've found allows my arm to regain feeling/reduces the pain. The midwife says it's due to swelling and no amount of drinking water, eating salt etc will help, so that's fun and also not something I ever expected. BUT I'm still swimming 2 miles at a time a few times a week, I hiked in Big Sur with Meryl this weekend and as long as I don't go bonkers 2 days in a row I'm super lucky to be feeling good and to have the ability to do the things I love. Don't worry, I don't take a second of this for granted, I know pregnancy affects everyone differently and I know how fortunate I am to feel so great.

So yeah, we are taking a little break from the manual labor, because breaks are really helpful when you are crazy preggo and have been on your feet all day and start having contractions haha. Gotta keep the baby inside, Brendan says that's my most important job. Wish us luck with this mega fast kitchen remodel!
You know you've lost your mind when you are operating a jackhammer at 37 weeks pregnant.