Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Maybe It's Really Time to Calm Down Now

On pregnancy and endurance sports, oh how I wish they went together. But I'm afraid it's really, really time to put a limit on my athletic adventures and focus on taking care of this fetus.

The problem with feeling really freaking good during the second trimester is that I'm tempted to go out and ride more and harder than what is recommended. On Friday night I made the last minute decision to participate in the NonDot GranFundo, a fun group fondo style ride on mountain bikes. With basically no knowledge of the course I signed up for the 50k route and drug my butt out of bed before the sun was up to go play bikes.

Well it turns out if you want to ride 35 miles in Santiago Oaks you are going to have to climb 7,000ft... Oofa that's a LOT of elevation for such a short ride! I tried to pace myself well for the baby's sake, but honestly I probably went too hard on the first lap, and was feeling pretty darn hot and tired on the second. Knowing I could just short cut out if I wanted at any point I cautiously rode the second lap at a much more conservative pace, and finished feeling really good and HUNGRY!
TRYING not to accidentally ride race pace hahaha
The course consisted of literally every trail in Santiago Oaks part, and we one of the more challenging things I've ever done because like I mentioned before, 7,000ft in 35 miles. Every climb in the Oaks is steep, so the ascents take a lot out of you. Top that with not training and gaining a bunch of weight and oofa, it took me 6 hours!

At the end of the day I'm glad I jumped into the Fundo last minute, but for the rest of the day I had a nagging feeling in the back of my mind that it had been a little too much. What if riding 6 hours was bad for the baby? I was a little out of breath on the first lap, what if that was bad for the baby? It got pretty warm out there and everything I've read says DON'T OVERHEAT yourself working out pregnant... yeah, it really started messing with my head. And to be honest I had some of the same nagging worried thoughts after the GWR ride I did three weeks ago, and after racing Sagebrush 2 weeks ago.

SO it's time to give up the long fast fun life for now. There is so much more to gain from dialing it back and enjoying the easy, short commutes while the baby finishes cooking :) We are officially halfway there, and I'm more and more excited to meet this little human every day (although to be honest it still doesn't feel real that we are making offspring!!)

And a few other pregnancy thoughts:

I'm still squeezing into XS sized cycling clothes, but pictures from the Fundo shocked me about how much wider my hips have gotten in the last 5 months! I have no idea exactly how much weight I have gained since it's healthier for me to not know and just eat when I'm hungry, but it feels like A LOT! I'm definitely not one of those skinny pregnant ladies with a cute bump!

All the things pregnant ladies are supposed to do like taking birthing class and touring the hospital and all.... oops. I've been putting it all off because it doesn't feel real yet, but knowing we are halfway is kinda terrifying. We have 20 weeks to get ready - next week because...
On Friday my co-worker Alexis and I fly to Peru for spring break, a trip we planned before I found out about the baby. I'm kinda nervous about going somewhere with such bad water and crazy altitude, but also so excited to see Manchu Picchu.  When we bought the plane tickets I was so excited to be traveling for fun without a bike... now I just hope I can survive the altitude and not get sick :) Wish us luck!!!

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