Thursday, March 21, 2019

More ramblings from your favorite pregnant biker lady

Commuting today in a downpour hahaha
This week I started to feel more like myself energy wise on the bike, THANK GOD! Every commute I've been pedaling slower and slower, and it has felt like a struggle to just make it to school, until this week, when suddenly I felt GOOD again! Not fast or fit or like I'm going to enter a race or something, just freaking good! I even went for a 4 mile trail run on Tuesday after riding home! You can't imagine how happy having energy makes me :)

At this point, 17 weeks along, with what my pregnancy app tells me is a pomegranate in my belly (although it also says the baby is 6'' long and I've never seen a pomm with a 6 '' diameter!) I just feel like I overate and have stopped trying to suck it in. My regular clothes still fit, but I can't button all my pants, so I often go about the day unbuttoned, haha.

One thing I've been thinking about this week is that I haven't really seen much by the way of publication about pregnant athletes, particularly cyclists, and I find this interesting. I know only a small percentage of an already small portion of the overall population can relate to this experience, so I'm not upset or saying anyone is being sexist or anything. But I think it would prob be good if this was in the mainstream, that way women like me could hear someone else's experience and maybe feel normal, like everything will be ok... you know, those things. It's rough going from being fit and fast to gaining weight (I know it's good, but for someone who has been trained to think unreasonably skinny is the only option to be fast it's stressful to be gaining weight, and you know you need to for the baby, but it's STILL STRESSFUL!) and feeling low energy/slow. If someone else had written a story about this in Velonews, or Outdoor, or something I could feel like, ok good, it's not just me :)

To all the women I know who have had babies and returned to cycling THANK YOU for sharing with me all your advice, stories and insights! It's insane how helpful hearing someone else's experience is.
From the run on Tues, tummy sticking out more each day. 

And on the note of weight gain, I feel like I'm walking a thin line now wearing my old XS jerseys... they are starting to get QUITE snug and I fear one day soon I will no longer be able to zip myself in! Looking for hand me down medium and large jerseys effective now-ish hahaha.

And finally, I am signed up to do a 60ish mile ride with 6,000+ft ascent this Sunday (one of those pseudo celebrity appearances haha) and I am again, pretty nervous about my ability to keep up and complete the whole thing. I know I have the option to bail at any point, but the uncertainty feels like back in the day when I would go on long rides with the UC Davis Triathalon team in college unsure if I could keep up or make it the whole way. It's kinda cool to have this feeling again, although I honestly would like the 2018 Larissa back just for the day TBH.

That's all for now, time to get my 9 hours of sleep that I know I will never get again once this baby joins us :)

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