Monday, July 2, 2018

Summer 2018- Where I'm going (and where I've been)

Phase 4 = lots of van camping in pretty places :)

 In the blink of an eye we (Nikki, Nic and I) are sitting in the van, headed towards Breckenridge, Colorado. Phase 3 of the summer of grand adventure is over and Phase 4 has begun! I’ve been putting off summing up where I will be and when, so I’m taking the chance while Nikki drives to jot down a quick list of which races I’m hitting and where I’ll be.

Starting with the past two weeks:

After school got out Brendan and I drove to Carson City, Nevada for the Epic Rides race there. Phase 1 was that race + 3 days at home after to knock out some bathroom work and pack.

The following Thursday I flew to Bentonville, AR to film a fun little interview with the CEO of Sam’s club. I stayed in Arkansas for three days to ride and experience NWA (North West Arkansas). This was Phase 2a, followed by phase 2b: FAMILY TIME (for 2 days)
From Arkansas I flew to Oakland to spend 2 days with my family in Santa Rosa. My little brother was in town from college in PA, so it was great to go canoeing on the Russian River and drink an excessive amount of coffee with him, my parents, and my sister.
Family dinner in my childhood back yard :)
From Santa Rosa I flew to Moab Utah on Wednesday to do some work filming some fun little workout videos. It was really freaking hot, and crazy long days, but so fun. This was Phase 3, the project I said yes to because WHY NOT overwhelm yourself with travel and work before kicking off a summer of racing?! 

Nikki and Nic met me in Moab and from there we drove to Crested Butte for a few days of epic green views and incredible trails.

Sun setting on phase 3: Filming Job in Moab
We are now on our way to Breckenridge for the Firecracker 50, a fun, festive 4th of July race at elevations that will make my legs burn 😊This kicks off phase 4: get as high as possible and suffer like a dog!
Traveling with these two is a lot of fun, farts and laughs!
After Firecracker I will continue on to Sturgis, SD for the Tatanka 100 on July 7. I have never been to SD, so feel free to dm me suggestions of coffee shops and places to eat amazing food!

On July 8ish I will head back down to Breckenridge where I’ll camp and ride for a week leading up to the Breck 100. I did this race last year and it was AMAZING and hard and I’m so stoked to do it again, but on a full suspension bike this time.

After Breck 100 I fly to Bend, OR for the High Cascades 100 July 21. I’ve also never ridden in Bend so I’m SUPER stoked about this trip.

Following High Cascades and a day in Portland with friends I’ll fly back to Colorado and drive down to Telluride for the T100. I also loved this race last year, and can’t wait to see all the rad Telluride friends we made last year + eat at my fave Telluride spots.

The following weekend I have NO RACES! Which is strange and prob a good thing. I’m thinking about heading over the pass to Aspen for the weekend to see friends and ride fun Aspen trails.
And then LEADVILLE!!!!! So stoked to go suffer it out above 10k again this year!

Colorado is... perfection :)
The week after Leadville I’m torn, between hitting some new to me Colorado spots, like Steamboat Springs to ride rad trails and hang out with radder people. There is an NUE (national ultra endurance series) in New Hampshire the next weekend, and I’m thinking about doing it, but there may be more filming in the works, or I may be burned out, so I’m leaving the two weeks after Leadville unplanned for now.

Eventually I will need to make my way back to CA to prepare for the new school year.
And after that I have a few races in mind, but the summer of living in a van, traveling here and there to ride in amazing places will be over.

Again, if you know the best coffee in any of these places, or must eat at restaurants, please don’t hesitate to dm me or comment! And if you live in any of the placed I mentioned and want to ride hit me up! I would love to shred with you!!!!!!

Wish me luck on the ridiculous amount of traveling I will be doing! It's going to be a wild ride!

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  1. Steamboat, always Steamboat! Good luck with yer racin'!