Friday, July 27, 2018

More Stuff I LOVE Right Now

I kinda wanted to do this on Wednesdays, but this week has been oddly busy with travel and riding bikes and all the things, so here we are, on a Friday :)

If you read my last post you know that I am doing the unthinkable this weekend.... TAKING A WEEKEND OFF from racing bikes! WHAT!? I know! It's freaking crazy (and still a bit hard, I'm crying inside, haha). Instead I'll be chilling here in Leadville, getting some good training in, and hopefully taking care of my body.

AND sharing with you all some more of my favorite things right now!

Yesterday, on my 3.5 hour ride that basically went through lunch time I pulled a Peanut butter and Jelly Bonk Breaker bar from my pocket and it was the best mid ride snack/lunch ever!!!!!! I eat a LOT of PB&J on long rides, but these bars are way easier than making a sando pre-ride, less messy (I always use too much jelly and the whole thing is a sticky mess when I eat it from being in my pocket) and just as tasty/filling! These bars are made from read foods, GMO free, plus have a good balance of calories from fat/carbs to digest easily but also provide the fuel I need 2 hours into a ride to finish strong. I freaking love them! Plus I was cruising up one of Colorado's many old railroad grades when I pulled it out so I didn't even need to stop to eat (like I do with real sandwiches)!

The second thing I am LOVING right now is the compatibility of my Oakley ARO3 helmet and EVZero sunglasses. I'm a big fan of sunnies and helmets that interact well together, and these two go together SO SO well. I have a few different styles of sunnies but reach for the EVzero Stride with  prizm road lenses every time. The lens is big enough to provide complete protection for my eyes but the shape/weight makes it feel like I have nothing on my face. Plus the Prizm road lens is the perfect tint that I can be on the exposed road in full sun OR in a shady forest and I always feel like I can see/the sun is being blocked adequately. I don't like having to think too hard about what gear to take on any given ride, I just throw on a kit and run out the door 99% of the time, and these sunnies make that SO easy. The only downside is that they make the world quite a bit prettier than reality, so when I take pictures I'm often disappointed the world doesn't look like it did through the Prizm lenses. 

 On my bike these freaking wheels are rocking my world right now. I'm racing on DT Swiss XRC 1200s, carbon wheels that can take a freaking beating, they are strong enough to withstand my sometimes less than graceful riding. They are legit wide (25mm hookless) and legit light, but really the only thing I care about is that they are bomb proof. I've taken them all over at this point on both my hardtail and FS race bikes, in a bunch of different states, a bunch of different trail conditions and they have been rock solid! Can't speak highly enough of these wheels. And for so long I thought that carbon wheels were destined to break at some point, like it was 'normal' to have a rim break every now and then... so far, not the case with DT Swiss wheels :)

Riding wise the Colorado trail has been knocking my socks off. I rode segments 8 and 9 yesterday and was squealing with delight from epic scenery, flowy, rocky, fast, rippin' trail and the perfect climbs that weren't ever so steep that I was dying. Plus I rode from town and within 30 minutes I felt like I was in the middle of nowhere wilderness. I freaking LOVE that feeling, just mountains and trees and lakes to keep me company! If you find yourself in the Leadville/Vail area hit this portion of the CO trail, you wont be disappointed! I hear Searle Pass is also bonkers good, so I'm trying to find a time to squeeze that one into the remaining time I have left in CO this summer.
Scenes from Colorado Trail segment 8... jaw dropping good :)

And lastly, I am living on breakfast sandwiches this summer! Breaky is my favorite meal by far and my end all be all of breakfast foods is a fluffy biscuit with an egg and some cheese :) I think this is one of those good combo of fats, proteins and cabs meals that is also super tasty. Also also I haven't found many places that do a good egg sando in Orange County yet (at least close enough to my work) so I'm living it up here in CO where there are some stellar egg sandwiches :) Also in Hood River, I think the best biscuit sando of my life was from Pine St Bakery in Hood River, Oregon last weekend, but that's prob because the souffle-ed egg and thick cut bacon rocked my world! 

Pine St Bakery is my ideal of what mornings in heaven look like. 

So yeah, some more of the stuff that's rocking my world right now. I hope someone somewhere reads this and finds inspiration :) Off to do my Friday hour spin, wash bikes and then take a NAP!!!
Have a great weekend friends!


  1. I really enjoy following your blog. I'm way older (baby boomer) but trying to keep in shape by doing all sorts of workouts, bike riding, etc. I have a 22 year old mtn bike (can't afford a new or new(er) one lol). I love being in Leadville; have fun training and are you doing the race on Aug 11th? I am volunteering at an aid station :)