Wednesday, July 18, 2018

A few of my favorite things

 This blog is funny. Funny because although I intend to do so many things, even now in the summer when I have 'all the time in the world' (yeah right!) I somehow always feel like I'm failing to write all the things I want to write about. 

So here is a post that has been on my mind for a long long time. 

You all know I ride a lot. And all that riding means I've spent a LOT of time using all kinds of equipment both good and bad. When I'm out on my bike I think about some of the things I use more than others, so I wanted to put together a short post about my current favorite things. Hopefully this will become a recurring Wednesday topic because I freaking LOVE sharing things that work for me with others, especially if that means they get to experience these foods, clothings, gear as well!

The number one bike part that has been on my mind lately is my saddle. I'm knee deep in a summer of ultra mountain bike races, and the thing I can't get over is how I still feel so so good every time I sit on my saddle. Not sore, not raw, not uncomfortable despite 2 100 mile races in two weeks and a few 50 milers leading up to that. I'm on the Fizik Luce, 'regular' width and since I first built up each of my bikes with this saddle it's felt like the most comfortable shelf of support! I've been through some bike seat nightmares in the past, on saddles that made me cry (literally) after races, so this whole 'I still love this saddle even after all this riding' thing is kinda blowing my mind!

Contact points are critical for cycling, and besides my tush, I think my hands are the number 2 most important body part. This means good gloves are indispensable. I've been using TASCO gloves (they are all the same) for 2 years now, and I NEVER have hand pain with them like I did with all the other gloves I've ever worn. Pretty rad to be able to be on my bike for 10 hours and not once think about my hands because they never hurt! 

A new to me snack combo has been blowing my mind lately. First of all, TRAIL TRUFFLES! The name pretty much says it all. These little chocolate flavored balls are made out of dates and stuffed with peanut butter, coconut, hazelnut butter... and they are SO freaking tasty! I'm a huge fan of eating 'real' food on my bike so these are a great snack, packed with carbs, fat, potassium, and flavor. Plus it's like eating candy on the bike! I usually make them my reward for getting to mile X in a race, and looking forward to such a yummy snack is a great mental boost for me. (Full disclosure I eat these off the bike ALL THE TIME too. Hungry? one of these little truffles is a great snack to tie me over until whatever meal is next!)
 I've also started eating Bonk Breaker caffeinated chews and they are another 'made from real food' treat I LOVE during races. I think chews absorb faster than solid food like bars, and when you are sick of gels these things are perfect! Also like candy, lets be honest, so yeah.

If you follow me on social media you know I'm crazy into waxing chains right now, I've been using Wend Spectrum wax to make my chain super quite, clean, smooth, efficient AND COLORFUL!!!! I'm kinda still shocked I didn't know about this waxed chain thing before BWR, but it has changed my life, no joke, because chain care is SO MUCH EASIER now. I highly recommend it! Also it just looks so cool to have a pink chain and pink ESI grips :)

And last thing I'm crazy about right now for today, having a dropper post on my hardtail. I've been rocking a dropper on my HT for a while now, but it's starting to pick up momentum as a thing people are doing, and for good reason. I'm using a KS LEV Ci with 100m drop and it makes the hardtail SO FREAKING versatile! With the seat down just a little you can move the bike around A LOT more underneath you, which makes cornering, descending and shredding lots funner! I mean, it's kinda a bad thing because I never know which bike to race now, both the Edict and the Doctrine (HT) with the dropper are super capable, but I guess in the long run having options is never a bad thing :)

 So there you have it, a few of the things I really freaking love right now. What are you using and falling in love with? Anyone have any new snacks, gear or clothing that is making every ride SO freaking good?

I'm off to Oregon to race the High Cascades 100 tomorrow... the summer of extreme racing continues. it's a good thing I have a saddle that is so comfy! :)

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