Thursday, June 14, 2018

On Being Competitive and Finding Purpose

It's hard being a competitive person, especially if you have tasted success. It's a strange balance between expecting yourself to do well, wanting to do well, being realistic and all that 'if you think you can...' stuff.

Here I am, last day of school, getting ready to go proctor graduation, and then rush off to Carson City feeling these competitive person angsty feelings.

I love bikes!!!
Different people race for different reasons, and although for some it's as easy as a full time job doing something they are crazy passionate about, I feel like I've been floundering a bit since May when things were rough (lost my grandma and had a less than stellar day at nationals). Coming out of a period of frustration, stress and excessive traveling on top of working full time I needed to take a good hard look at WHY I'm doing all of this. And although I'm still trying to wrap my little brain around life, and why I'm here and what I'm doing, coming back to the basics of exploring the world on two wheels and spreading stoke for mountain biking is all I've got for now. That's pretty much how I got started on this strange path, and I want that to be my compass forward.

From the trails behind my house to world cup courses in Europe, I just LOVE MOUNTAIN BIKES!
Now that the most overbooked wacky summer of my life is here, I'm over the top stoked to just go out there and have a blast, give it my all and try to find happiness in each moment of each day. No one cares if I win or don't podium at all. What matters is that I focus on lifting others up, having a great time riding bikes, and spreading stoke. Competitive nature be damned, I will have so much fun racing my brains out this summer!

I was supposed to update the blog today, to revamp the 2018 race schedule/sponsors... but school and grading and packing... and I am plumb out of time. This weekend I'll hopefully have time for that, because this summer is going to be nutty and awesome and rad. Vanlife 3.0 coming in hot!!!

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