Sunday, April 22, 2018

How do you have so much energy?!

Yes, yes, I hear this a lot, and although it feels strange to be writing this on the weekend when I only rode 6.5 hours total (not each day... trying to be good, it's stressful) I'm gonna give it a shot. Heck, I have the time, only riding 6.5 hours in 2 days leaves A LOT of free time!

Well, the comment that spurred this post was actually "I want to drink whatever coffee SHE is drinking!" Which made me think, yes, yes you too can drink the incredible crack like coffee I drink and I can almost guarantee it will make you feel like you can ride 200 miles in one day, one footed ,while singing at the top of your lungs and knitting beanies! I'm crazy addicted to Badsea coffee, brewed right here in SoCal (Carlsbad to be exact) and delivered by bike if you live nearby! How freaking rad is that?! And even cooler is that Badsea has agreed to give anyone placing orders with the code LCBWR 20% off! Like how I want everyone in the world to ride a Decree just once to experience how good it is (no seriously, for a while I was loaning out Brendan's Decree to everyone I know, not sure he was stoked about it, but I felt so convicted.... haha) I also want the world to drink just one cup of Badsea coffee, it's THAT good. I go to sleep at night excited to wake up just because I know I get to drink more Badsea coffee in the morning... ok I'll stop :)

Mornings mean I get to drink ALL THE BADSEA COFFEE!!!!

On the bike I'm 100% a Clif kid (although not technically sponsored by them). I love the fact that they have so many different types of ride food, so on my crazy long rides and races I'm never bored of the food in my pockets. I love 4+ hour rides because I save nutbutter filled Clif bars for those rides, and for the days I commute, work, coach, and then go to yoga. Having a really really good snack in my pack/the back of my mind helps me get though, no joke, that Almondbutter filled bar is on my mind all day. I'm also a huge fan of those baby food pouches Clif makes, they are a different consistency than gels, and made with real food, so it feels less synthetic and although they have a lower calorie count, they taste so good, and are so good for my gut when I've had 4 gels and need quick energy but can't be bothered to chew. To be honest I also think about the banana mango baby food pouches the whole time I'm riding if they are in my pack, like, at what point will I have earned that?! haha And sometimes, if I'm on a big adventure ride with Carl, I'll pack a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich because we almost always stop 4-5 hours into a 7-8 hour ride to sit on the ground and eat 'lunch'.
All the fruits and veggies and seeds on kale :)

Off the bike I eat anything and everything, including the food my students throw away. I'm not kidding, ask them. I did give up cow's milk this year, but that wasn't for performance reasons, more of an environmental thing. We don't eat meat often, especially at home but that's mainly because I'm scared to cook it. Most meals are based around all the veggies and some type of carbohydrate or starch, and for the most part they are simple and 'clean'. I find almost ALL my inspiration for trying new things from HalfbakedHarvest, a food blog with pretty pictures and a great variety of ideas that never gets boring. And of course all the waffles for breakfast, the gluten full kind :) According to GCN all I eat is waffles year round, which is mostly true, but there is a good amount of oatmeal and home made granola in there.
Some salmon thing I found on Halfbakedharvest

We also eat a lot of avocado toast with eggs. 

Some kind of carrot falaffel on home made naan from halfbakedharvest 

And I have a HUGE sweet tooth, so there is always ice cream or hot coco after races. This is my favorite part of BWR, a waffle with ice cream on it that I can eat 100% guilt free since I just burned like 5,000cal. 
This past month I started swapping most the refined sugar in my life for Natural Delights dates, and that's been going pretty well. I know I'm still consuming sugar, but at least it comes from a natural source, and dates are high in fiber, so there's that :) 

That's pretty much it. My energy comes from coffee and dates and kale. Pretty basic, but hey, it works :) 

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