Thursday, March 29, 2018

Life Lately (I wish I was a better blogger edition)

It's not that I don't want to sit down and shoot out quick updates about training/racing/life multiple times a week...

But I realized this week that we are just in a particularly busy season of life with bathroom remodel in full swing/running into our deadline, training, and work. I think it's important to step back and acknowledge sometimes that life is busy/stressful/tiring but that it's not always going to be like this. Just stopping to recognize this simple truth makes me feel so much better about everything. Like in yoga when you breathe in deep, and breath out the stale air, releasing the stress and negative thoughts, accepting that this is where I am, and all I can do is keep my head down, work hard, and eventually things will get easier. 

Maybe I am also the type of person who tends to pack life full of things to do and places to be, so I bring this stress on myself. But I think the commitments, dreams, plans and goals that cause my life to get overwhelming sometimes also result in many #bestday moments and give me the opportunity to meet/work with so many amazing people, and to go to so many amazing places/do awesome things. I have to admit though that I have struggled with feeling like I am letting people down all the time this winter/spring. I have a hard time recognizing when I am over committed and say yes to things sometimes when I really should say 'I'm too busy already'. If you are one of the many people I said I would coach, help, plan riding route for, etc and then flaked, I am sorry. I'm learning to say no, sorry, too busy, but def not learning fast enough. 

So on this unexpected 'rest day' Tuesday (I NEVER have Tuesday off the bike, I must have raced hard this past weekend!), when I finally had 20 minutes to nap after school and a few minutes to blog before doing more house work I am basking in the stress of this life and focusing on the glorious craziness of it all. And promising myself I will blog more soon, as soon as the bathroom is functional and not taking up every spare second of our time. 

So here is a quick update on what I've been up to since blogging last.

Lots of riding bikes with these weirdos Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. High school mtb season is in full swing, and training the shredders on the Laguna Beach Interscholastic team has been crazy fun/gratifying this year. 

Mtb in Laguna after practice, yes please!
Lots and lots and lots of training, including some crazy challenging workouts that have pushed me to step up my mental game as well as tear my legs apart. Thankfully the pain is temporary and riding mtb in Orange County in the winter is pretty much the best thing ever, so as soon as the intervals are done the #bestday vibes continue. Extra bonus when the intervals take me up and over Harding Truck trail, resulting in epic views and a 10 mile descent to get home.
Top of the intervals hill views :)

Two weeks ago I did a little local road race called Hunkr. the race consisted of 3 laps (60 miles) of the road I commute on every day. The fact that it was mass start with the dudes made it pretty freaking scary, but it was great seeing/racing with all the coolest roadies in Orange county! 

Even got to ride with this crusher for a while!!!
Still making a little time for proper recovery between the construction and training on the weekends. 

Lots and lots of this...

 And of course lots of this view. This picture was a day when everyone was super engaged, the kind of day I dream about, when the lesson I planned goes as I expected, and every kid is into it, doing the work, interested in what they are doing, actively trying to get the data collected and graph graphed. 

Oh yeah, and I'm trying to be consistent about going to yoga, you know for the balance, core and moving meditation. It's pretty great, and my body feels so happy every time I leave, even if it does make M, W, and F crazy long days. 

Ok, that's all. Spring break, so soon, then I will be a good kid and get down to business!

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