Thursday, October 26, 2017

Bigger is Better?

I've said it before... riding my bike longer and longer just makes me want to ride my bike, well, longer. It's like the ceiling on my pain tolerance and the length of ride necessary to satisfy me keeps getting raised.

So when Dave Keosel threw out the Palomar/Santiago idea I couldn't resist. When Carl and I failed it was still the longest ride of my life, but I was taunted by a longer ride, the complete loop, conquering what seemed impossible.

Completing the ride last Saturday felt great... but you know that all the comments on Strava, Facebook and this blog meant. The suggestions of longer routes, the goading to ride from SF to LA... it all made me WANT TO RIDE LONGER! And now I'm itching for a new challenge.

But now my problem is the one person who has supported me the most in the past, Brendan.

I really like the SF to LA idea, especially considering we go to NorCal every year for Christmas. I want to complete the Hwy 1 1 route without stopping to sleep, in one shot, but Brendan is adamantly against this idea. He thinks it's too dangerous to ride that far on populated roads alone. He thinks I will get tired and fall asleep and get hit by a car. And while I understand that his opposition to this ride is based on the fact that he cares about me, I am frustrated by the presence of a great idea with no support. I cannot do something like this alone, I would need Brendan to meet me along the way, to check in, be around in case of the worst etc... but he refuses to be that support as he doesn't think the concept is a good idea in the first place.

So this brings me to another idea/question that I have been pondering lately. How much is enough, and to what extent do I continue to push my body to achieve outlandish things, and when do I call it 'good' and stop striving for more? It's exciting to have a new challenge, to look forward to/train for/anticipate a new ridiculously long and challenging physical feat, but there MUST be a place I should stop and feel content, right?

These are just Thursday night thoughts. I feel pretty content now with the rides and races I've done this year, and the next three weekends are slated to be full of more incredible rides (while not as long as last weekend, they will be full of friends and fun). But just know that every day I'm daydreaming about the next big ride... and all ideas are welcome :)


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