Friday, September 1, 2017


This has been the roughest return to work I have ever experienced. An amazing summer, a super quick trip to Tahoe (because I couldn't say no to Brendan after all the travel he has done for me) the weekend before the first day with students and starting will a full week of class all made for a painful week. Throw in 100 degree temps all week and Brendan being out of town for work... ooofa.

But when it's all said and done I very much enjoyed teaching those little fresh minds this week. The new freshmen are adorable, and quiet and so diligent with their work. I am trying to set a president of rigor and calm and discipline in my classes, but I can't help finding myself smiling at them, and getting giddy when I read their insightful responses to open ended questions about observing patterns in math. I am so excited with the possibilities we all face this school year, these fresh faces and me :)

So that explains why I have been off the backfoot with blogging lately. I get home every day after 6pm, have to force myself to do a chore or two, make and eat dinner and pass out by 9am. My legs are so swollen at the end of each day from standing/walking around my classroom that my skin feels stretched and painful. And then wake up at 5am to walk out the door to 85 degree heat BEFORE THE SUN IS UP and do it all over again... it gets easier, right?

And NOW I'm at the airport getting ready to board a plane to Salt Lake City to race my bike 75 miles. Something must be wrong with me. Thank God for the three day weekend.

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