Tuesday, September 26, 2017

I'd rather be a hammer than a nail. Yes I would, If I only could...

It's only Tuesday, and I feel like I've taken a severe beating at work already this week. Between grading, teaching, planning, trying to stay on top of emails and discipline, meetings for kid's IEPS... just barely keeping my head above water over here.

Feeling like the hammer on Saturday :)
But riding home today, just cruising along after getting the ok to push back my workout to tomorrow from coach, I felt so grateful for this life. Yeah, sometimes it's overwhelming to work full time and try to be an elite athlete, but I LOVE my job. I never dread going to work in the morning, and most days, when I stop and look around, I feel such pride for the math my students are doing, for the conversations I hear when they are discussing how to do specific problems, for their work on assignments and tests. I also felt incredibly grateful for SoCal this week, where the temperatures are finally reasonable and the early mornings perfect for commuting. I felt thankful for the awesome team of people in my corner, from Nicola encouraging me to work on having balance in life, to Brendan tolerating me being on my (re-his) bike all day Saturday, to coach always adapting my training to fit my crazy weekend rides and physically demanding job. I am one freaking lucky kid.

And I'm feeling especially grateful for this past weekend's adventures (which are probably hugely to blame for feeling like a nail this week, haha). How cool is it to do an 8 hour ride within an hour of my house on all new to me trails that blew my mind ALL DAY!? We rode some descents that I could not stop freaking out over. Merril trail, you HAVE to go there if you are in SoCal. SO. MUCH. FUN! And the views, Peanut butter, chocolate, banana Clifbars, tunnel!!, awesome climbs, and In-n-out milkshake at the end were all icing on the 50 mile 11k ascent cake!

All pictures from this weekends epic San Gabriel Ride thanks to action photag Carl. 
This picture doesn't do the tech on the trail justice. It was rock problem after drop after rock problem with a ledge and exposure to boot. Awesome, challenging, perfect. 
There are some BIG rocks in the San Gabriel mountains!

It's ok to feel like the nail, but I'm just going to sit over here reflecting on the good things and this crazy busy, tiring, never ending to-do list week will eventually come to an end :) Off to do some more grading!