Monday, August 21, 2017

Life Goes On

Goodbye for now #vanlife!!!

Home means doing A LOT of this :) 

Home from Colorado, soaking in the last week of summer, looking back on an amazing #vanlife trip that took my all over Utah and Colorado, and it feels like time is flying by. Just a moment ago I was cooking salmon and edamame on the $18 butane stove in the van while a summer monsoon poured down outside the van at a free campsite near Turquoise lake in Leadville. Just yesterday I was pulling my bike out of the back of the van to go ride up Columbine from my favorite parking spot at Twin Lakes. It's hard to let go of summer, but harder still coming back from such a beautiful place full of awesome memories and some legit personal accomplishments. 

But life goes on. And if I learned anything from the brief stint of full time professional athlete-ing I did, it's that the down time, fun rides, travel and racing is even more enjoyable when you are working full time and have to wait for it/earn it. 

On another note, I'm having some conflicted feelings about this social media/marketing oneself thing. Obviously I am very proud of my race results this summer, and I don't think that's wrong. But I see other people posting over and over about a single race win, or trophy/belt buckle earned and it's just interesting to me the line between marketing yourself and going too far. Sure getting exposure and sharing successes is great for sponsors and helps promote your brand, but at what point are you overdoing it, being obnoxious and causing people to roll their eyes? Someone mentioned this summer that I posted a ton about BWR and I didn't really think I did, so that was interesting to hear, and has changed the way I think about what I put out there. I see the truly successful cyclists, like Howard Grotts and Kate Courtney, and they hardly mention their big wins and successes, and I think that's pretty cool. We all know they are incredible athletes and they have too many race wins to dwell on any one achievement. And on the flip side I see others who drag out one win as if they changed the world, which looks tacky to me, but is that just good marketing? Anyway, just a thing I am pondering on this Monday morning. 

Life goes on, and right now, while I feel a great deal of satisfaction with a summer of racing well spent, I think what is on the horizon is more important than dwelling on things I achieved in the past. So onward to a new school year, a few more races (hopefully) and continuing to grow as a human. 

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