Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Why Telluride is the Most Amazing Town

I probably wont have time to blog about the whole trip we are on, but our weekend in Telluride, CO was so outstanding that I can't contain the urge to write about the events that made up the most memorable weekend of my summer (so far).

I couldn''t get over the waterfall at the end of town. 
When Lauren and I planned out the route we would drive through CO to get to Breckenridge we threw in Telluirde on a whim because Lauren had been there a few years earlier and claimed it was the most beautiful place ever. We had 2 weeks between our depatrure from SLC and when we needed to arrive in Breck for Lauren's race, and we wanted to hit a few fun and beautiful places on the way. So we decided on a few days in Durango (neither of us had ridden there before), driving the Million Dollar Highway through Ouray for the scenery, a few days in Telluride, 2 days in Crested Butte, and a day in Salida for Monarch Crest trail. We ended up staying in T-ride a bit longer than originally planned thanks to the hospitality of friends Billy and Kimberly, and to our tireless tour guide John form Telluride Sports.

Here's why Telluride is so amazing:
Day 1 We arrived in the evening and immediately hit the free box, yes there is a whole block of free stuff people don't want anymore in Telluride right in town! I snagged some sweet sandals and a pair of jeans! Then we drove to a rad waterfall to eat dinner, pretty much the most scenic picnic I've ever had.

Day 2 We jumped on the FREE gondola and went straight to the top of the mountain to ride Prospect trail (my 'recovery ride' which still had 1,000ft of climbing). The trails were absolutely magical, and we even had some sunshine! After the climbing, I had a freaking blast descending through the slippery rooty trails, and even hit a crazy steep fun extra credit called Kave trail with switchbacks I couldn't have ridden if it wasn't for all the practice on Yeager Mesa in SoCal. Post ride we raced into town to sign up for the T100, and ate all the pizza I could stomach. And then I decided to swap my tires and gearing for the race and John was so so nice, he took us to take us to his shop and helped with the bike conversion (which obviously was more complicated than just swapping tires haha).
Trails blowing my mind!

Day 3 Was the race, which you already read about, but AFTER the race we ate these amazing tacos at Tacos Del Gnar, and then the best hot chocolate of my life with SO much home made whipped cream.

Day 4 (when we were supposed to be in Crested Butte) we decided to stay to hike the Via Ferrata in Telluride as active recovery from the race with John. Pre-ferrata-ing we had the best breakfast burritos of my life at The Butcher and the Baker, a meal that easily stands out as the best of the trip.  The Via is a mile long hike along a sheer cliff face where the exposure forces you to 'clip in' to a cable as you traverse especially technical sections. There were a few points where there was no rock at all to stand on, and metal foot and hand holds were bolted into the rock wall. The sheer drop off 500 feet to the ground below made it pretty thrilling, and the views of the canyon and waterfalls were unbelievable from the Via. Just as we finished the scary, exposed portion of the hike the rain started and we hiked a couple miles up the fire road back to the car in a monsoon complete with booming thunder and lightning (which was actually pretty freaking cool when I look back on it). 
This was a section where we were clipped in, but still had rock to stand on, around the corner the rock footing disappeared and it got extreme. 
Lauren, John and I at Bridal Veil Falls after the Ferrata. 
AND THEN we went to a pig roast where we feasted on the most delicious pork carved from an entire pig that was slow roasted at a distillery just outside of Telluride. Where else can you do such a rad hike AND eat free pig in the same day!?!  

Not much left on the carcass, but this is when we started taste testing eyeballs and pig brains... JK!

Lauren and John at our second hot coco stop of the weekend. 
And of course the pig roast was followed by ANOTHER decision to stay in Telluride one more night, more hot chocolate with home made whipped cream (hey, I raced 100 miles on Saturday, I needed the calories) and spectating a naked bike race! 

Obviously all the events of the weekend made me fall in love with Telluride, but the people we met and spent time with made it the most special place I've ever visited. From Billy and Kimberly opening their home to us, providing us with hot showers/laundry to John acting as our personal tour guide, helping overhaul my bike, showing us the Ferrata, and taking us all over town while providing us with all kinds of history (some true, some hilarious) and introducing us to all the real locals. We are so fortunate to know some really special people whose kindness and generosity made our time in Telluride magical. Lauren and I are still talking about how much we loved the weekend we spent there, in awe of the opportunity to do the Via Ferrata, and laughing about the ridiculous conversations, and hot chocolate consumption. 
The view from the beginning of the Via with the town down to the left. 

Thanks Telluride, for being so beautiful and memorable. I can't wait to come back. 

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  1. Telluride looks so amazing in pictures man, I mean it really shows that how calm this place is. I just loved the pictures you posted and i really want to visit this place.