Friday, May 26, 2017

Favorite Things

Currently bummed I don't get to participate in Vital Ditch Day with hubs because I gotta be a responsible kid and teach those hooligans in my classes ALL THE MATH today...

But a questions someone asked me this week reminded me that choosing to be happy is where it's at, so instead of thinking about what I wish I had or was doing, I'm trying to be happy where I am in life and committing to enjoying the things around me. 
#1 favorite thing right now is this bike. I got to borrow it from Felt's demo fleet, and it's making all my hopes and dreams come true (ok, that's exaggeration, but it is a dream to ride). 

#2 is any meal that consists of a ton of veggies in a bowl. I've been making Brendan eat an excessive amount of veggies and fried eggs and it never gets old!

#3 favorite thing is that all the most delicious fruits are ripening in my neighborhood, and I'm in heaven picking mulberries and Apricots from the neighbors trees on my way home from school each day. 

#4 is my Catlike mountain bike shoes... the more I wear them the better they get, I've been commuting in them every day and my feet have never been happier. 

#5 is that all the time I've spent at home this spring (as opposed to last year when I was traveling for races ALL THE TIME) means we have put in a lot of work on the yard and it looks so good (if you're into astro turf... which we got because it's green and stuff).

Life isn't bad in our corner of the world. Different than last year, but not bad. And there is a 3 day weekend on the horizon! Cheers to Memorial day and riding all the bikes!!!

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  1. Good to see that when people participate in their favorite things. I loved your idea and good to see you are participating in this thing