Tuesday, April 18, 2017


I read something somewhere recently by some pro cyclist that described the phase between getting where you were and where you want to be as 'mid-bounce'. It had something to do with the idea that when you don't get what you want the low doesn't last too long and can be the thing that propels us higher in the future, you never know. Probably not the best explanation, but anyway I liked the idea of being mid-bounce and it's been stuck in my head all day.
Ok, so I had some low times, but now I feel like I am mid-bounce, on the way back up, finally ready to not let those bad times hold me down. A nice 'get your head out of your...' talk from someone who means a lot to me helped too. It's time to put my best foot forward and get back to living a life and doing the things and setting some goals, because not having goals leads to floundering. I've learned that floundering isn't good for me. So here's to new goals, and to focusing on being a better person, wife and friend.

That is all.

Oh and thank goodness this horribly tired Tuesday is over :)

Some pictures from life lately:

This winter it only rains when I am riding my bike... but that's ok with me :)

This rock, it's way cooler in real life, I swear. 
This Orange County is very pretty right now! 

This is on my commute to school when I take the dirt. I ride a different bike to school every day, so that is cool. And this view always makes the waking up worth it. 

More pretty green views. 

The flowers on my favorite trail are going off right now. This has been the best spring we've had by far!

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