Monday, November 14, 2016

Life Lately

This fall has been great here in SoCal. Yeah I'm sad about the lack of rain, and concerned for the nature with the increasing state of drought we are in, but on a day to day basis, it sure is nice to ride bikes in the sunshine, hike mountains and work on the yard.

One of my favorite things this fall has been spending time with the amazing female athletes who live in Southern California. I am so fortunate to be surrounded by women who are both incredibly physical strong as well as strong in character, who push my on my bike and mentally. Sometimes being a professional athlete can feel isolating/lonely, but I've learned this year what a difference it makes to get out and ride/hang out with these rad women.

Wednesdays have been for riding all the miles with Jess.
This week we cruised through De Luz, on the most beautiful country roads you wouldn't expect to find in San Diego, devoured a sticky bun bigger than my face, and drank about 10 bottles in 97 miles because it was HOT out there! Jess pulls pretty much the whole time when we ride, but I feel extra cool riding with her because we can be twinsies (at least for another month :)

Best bakery stop on a ride to date!
Spending time on the ground outside the gas station because you are 85 miles in and hot and thirsty!
Last Thursday I got to shred mtb with Lauren, which meant laughing till my abs hurt, and all the crashing!
Thankfully the trails were empty, because we were a tornado of ridiculous!

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 Saturday I got to ride in the Laguna Dirt Fondo, a 50 mile ride supporting the middle and high school mountain bike teams. I've ridden with these kids a few times, and it's seriously the most inspiring thing to ride with little future shredders. There were also quite a few rad adult shredders there, somehow I ended up riding with the leaders for part of the first 25 mile loop, and HOLY COW were they going hard. A stop at an aid station put me off the back of that crazy group, but I had super shredder Brandon to ride with to the start finish and then spent the second 25 mile loop either alone or passing/getting passed by some of the 6 guys who actually did the whole 50 mile option. The highlight of the ride was going down Art School/TNA at the end still feeling fresh and giggling with glee. I blame Menso and Carl for the fact that at this point a 50 mile mountain bike ride doesn't feel like enough to wear me out. It was hard to resist the temptation to keep riding after finishing the dirt fondo, but Sunday's hike scared me just enough to be a good kid and go home to rest.

I didn't even know I would get a finishers trophy! Everyone should come out for this event next year!
AAAAAaaaaannnddd Sunday I got to hang out with one of my favorite team mates, Nikki and her boyf Nic, and bag Gorgornio peak, FINALLY! This hike is advertised as the hardest of the SoCal peaks, so I was pretty intimidated by the 18 miles, 6,000ft grind, but it went by like the blink of an eye.

The two most memorable parts of the hike were meeting ranger Fisher and drinking root beer floats after. Ranger Fisher was blocking the trail about 4 miles up checking permits, you have to carry one to hike in the Gorgornio wilderness. He had the biggest biceps I've ever seen in person and a lack of sense of humor to match. We spent quite a bit of time imagining how Ranger Fisher keeps in such good shape in the wilderness, bench pressing and dead lifting logs. He also assured us that eventually everyone would get lost in the wilderness... a foreboding warning that fortunately didn't come true on Sunday!The root beer floats were as epic as Ranger Fisher's biceps. We stopped at the Mexican Restaurant in Forest Falls to use the restroom and somehow ended up with huge cups full of ice cream and root beer as well as an entire can of whipped cream. Oh and Nic ordered fried ice cream... We are the healthiest ones! 
Post hiking I couldn't help jumping on my bike to explore some new to me trails near Yucaipa. I love riding in new places, late afternoon temps were perfect and the trails in Crafron hills didn't disappoint! Neither did the views of mount San Bernardino! 

Hope everyone in SoCal is making the most of this crazy warm fall. One day we might get rain... One day. 


  1. Awesome! One day my week will be as interesting as yours is... From Brandon

  2. And how did you get that photo of you riding?

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