Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Quick Weekend Recap

This past weekend was exhausting, the kind of weekend that I need a whole day to recover from. That wasn't in the cards as I woke up at 5:25am to ride to a sub job in the rain yesterday. How did I manage to teach and train full time before?! ha
But this past weekend was also amazing. So amazing I didn't stop to take pictures (because I never really stopped at all). As I am currently procrastinating doing things I should be doing, here is a quick recap of the weekend!
Friday night I found out that this past weekend was the Warrior's Society Vision Quest, a 55 mile mtb race through the mountains I live in. Although I haven't really been too interested in participating in the event before, it seemed like a great idea at 10pm on Friday, so I packed a camelbak and set out bike clothes to poach the race starting at 5:30am. It was too late to pay to be a legit racer, but spending the day communing with all my favorite people in the mountains seemed like the most fun Saturday, and Brendan said it was ok if I wasted the morning pedaling :)
I left the house at 5:30 (to not get in the way of the official start) and was climbing Black Star in no time. The route took us up Black Star canyon to Main Divide, down Motorway trail, up Maple Springs, to Santiago Peak, down Holy Jim trail, up West Horse Thief, and then down Trabuco trail. I had a blast saying hi to all the riders as I cruised along Main divide and then loved every minute of the newly groomed Motorway! Climbing Maple meant more chatting and hanging out with rad mountain bikers, and I met the raddest dude from Czech on the final push to the peak. Then before I knew it I was hiking up West Horsetheif and was greeted at the top by crazy friendly faces and within an hour I was at the finish line.
I have always wondered how I would fare on the VQ course, it always seemed hard, like the type of race that would break me, that one could fall apart on and end up limping in to the finish. To my pleasant surprise though I felt amazing at the end! The human body's ability to adapt to training is incredible, and I guess all the long rides with Carl paid off!
After I crossed the finish line (in 6 hours 15 minutes) I had to pedal to Felt and Brendan put me straight to work washing metal for more deck raining welding. We worked kinda late into the night which made bed feel incredible when we finally got home.
Then Sunday I woke up early again for the Non Dot Advanced clinic in Santiago Oaks where I got to mentor a ton of amazing riders on the techy sections of Grasshopper trail. It took a bucket of coffee to get me going, but I can't explain how fulfilling it is to teach skills clinics, and this one was over the top good.
I am so so lucky to live in a place where I have the opportunity to teach mtb skills, and not only was the Non Dot crew so so on point with how they ran the show, but the clients who participated in the clinic were the most fun group!
Post clinic Brendan and I took care of some business, did more welding, and then crashed at 8pm, which is a very good thing because 5am Monday came much sooner than I wanted it to :) I just can't stand how good and full the weekend was though, and I want to remember stuff like this for a long long time.

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