Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Yet Another State I Love

I've spent the past three days in central Maine with Rose Grant's family, and it has been the ideal spot to rest and train between races! The family's 'camp' is on lake Schoodic, like ON the lake and it is maybe the most peaceful place I've ever been. The days have fallen into a pattern of coffee, riding, lunch, swimming in the lake, reading/writing and spending time with the fam until dinner and then going to bed early. Like every day. The weather has been so pleasant, never above 85 degrees, there are no biting critters, and the lake water, while crazy clear, has been 80 degrees all week.

I even picked wild blueberries today after lake swimming. It was the perfect Maine day!

And I saw the most amazing sunrise over the lake on our first full day here. 

This is the view from my ride every day back into the neighborhood. There were pretty much always poofy beautiful clouds in the sky, and the buildings were all perfectly quaint!

On Tuesday I rode out to this incredible river. It was so slow and clear and pretty I wanted to jump in!

And a fair chunk of my time was spent reading in the hammock, which has made me realize we NEED a hammock at home!

Tomorrow we leave for Canada, Quebec to be exact. It's not a long drive, but waking up early will afford us time to ride when we get there. Here's to hoping the race goes smoothly and that I'm not as scared of the crazy rock gardens as I was last year!

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