Saturday, August 13, 2016

Windham Week!

After we left Vermont Drew and I basically headed straight to Windham, NY for the HC XCO this weekend (actually in 2 hours... EHHHHH). I feel pretty dang fortunate to have gotten the opportunity to travel in the Stan's van with Drew and to have seen some new places and ridden some new trails this week. I think keeping things fresh and new has been good for my psyche and my soul, and I'm feeling pretty refreshed and ready for this race. It's also great feeling that layer of pressure stripped off and to be going into this race focused on having a blast racing. This week I did my workouts, crunched out the core, stayed off my feet and ate well so the race feels like the icing on the cake, whatever happens I did everything in my power to prepare for it, it's time to see how the cards fall/to see if my hard work will pay off.

It's pretty insanely pretty here too :) Makes workouts on the road really pleasant!
This isn't to say I think it'll be easy. It's crazy hot and humid outside, so hot that there is a heat advisory out for 3pm today, which happens to be our start time. And there are a TON of fast women here. But I'm excited to line up with them, to get to ride with an international field, and all I really want from this race is to finish in one piece with a smile on my face!
The creek behind our house, it's not deep but so so scenic!
Doin' the werk.
I haven't done much exciting stuff in Windham since we got here because I'm trying to use all the energy to train and recover, but I did have a killer workout on the road Wednesday. swam in the creek next to our house, and got some pre-riding in on the course. The track is very similar to last year when it was a World Cup, but it's much wetter this year. It has rained every day since we got here, like heavens opening up and dumping buckets of water on us type rain. The craziest part is how warm it stays, even when it's raining. It's going to be pretty messy during the race, so I'm excited for some mud splattered face pics :)

And now it's probably time to kit up, fill my bottles with ice, and warm up (ha, that's a joke because just going outside is enough to 'warm up') and get down to business! It's bike racing time!!!

Green, rooty, muddy, rocky, delightful goodness :)


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