Saturday, August 6, 2016

Mont Saitne Anne WORLD CUP MADNESS!!!!!

Well I've been in Canadia for a few days now, and after two days on the track here in Mont Sainte Anne I'm ready to move here full time :)
Not a photo from the course, but the woods here are so dang pretty!!!
The course is wicked fun. It starts with a super fun pump track-ish section which i freaking love, and which includes the first over-under on the course where the track crosses itself. Then there is a rad rocky woodsy portion that's not flat, but not really a sustained climb before the first of three short but epically steep climbs. The climb is in the sun, on grass (so kinda slow) but it only seems to take forever, when in reality it's less than 2 minutes. Following that is another super fun wooded section with big old rock piles built up and the river gap at the bottom. Then you roll down through the feed zone and all the way to the bottom of the course before heading to epic climb #2, the one that's not only cray steep but also has ridiculously sharp switchbacks! I have a love hate relationship with that one, the switchbacks take your attention off the agony, but oye vey is it steep and painful. La Beatrice is after that, and I love Beatrice. It's the gnarliest sustained portion of the course, but it's so fun to bounce and slide down it and I'm surprised and stoked each time I make it to the bottom still alive! THEN there is the last cray steep climb which ends in switchbacks, but these are much more manageable! And after that it's a combo of techy rock situations, slippery roots, two A-lines which I love so much more than last year and a fast open descent through the feed zone to the finish.

My goal is to be less of a disaster than last year, to give it all I have but to keep it together in the techy sections. Last year I crashed so many times, it was like crash, get up, start riding, crash, repeat. It was pretty slippery last year, but it could be slippery tomorrow so I just need to stay cool and collected and keep my mind focused and sharp. I also want to enjoy every second of it, because after all, it's still so freaking cool that I am even here. And my focus has shifted off of putting crazy high expectations on myself, and instead making the most of the experience, of the legs I wake up with on any given day and remaining confident that I do belong here, yeah I may not finish top 10, but it's a work in progress! And oh do I love the process :)

So I don't have pictures of the course, when I was pre-riding I was hyper focused on the course and the lines and doing what coach told me to do, but hopefully there will be a bunch after the race :)

I did take pictures of the cool kids who helped me out so much this morning to get my bike totally dialed. Drew from Stan's is the man for helping me dial my wheels and Mike from SRAM made my bike shift like a dream this morning. Mountain bike people are the best, seriously so fun and generous, and I feel so fortunate for all the help I've received to make tomorrow as awesome as possible! Oh and the most helpful one has been Gerrin, who checked my shifting yesterday and has been an invaluable source of wisdom about pretty much everything bike related while I've been here.

I LOVE riding and racing SRAM equipment!
Gerrin, looking at my brakes, making sure they were dialed.
And you may have seen it on social media this week, but Canada has offered other gems besides the wicked world cup track. First, wild raspberries! I ate a ton on Thursday evening and they were as heavenly as wild raspberries sound. Second, mini ponies, so cute, so ridiculous looking, so interested in nibbling on my quads. Third I accidently found singletrack on my spin on Thursday and it was sooo so fun! Bermed turns, pump track sections, and gorgeous dense woods. Yeah, I love it here!!

Now I'm going to rest real hard, distract myself from the agony that will be tomorrow and enjoy a beautiful sunny day in Canada!

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