Thursday, July 14, 2016

This Is Life Now (Cont...)

And the very latest of the #vanlife saga, and the real birthplace of 'this is life now' is our stay in Mammoth Lakes, CA to prepare for and race National Championships (tomorrow, AHHHHHHHH!!!)

We arrived Monday night and spent the first few days camping in my favorite super secret camp spot on BLM land. The picture below is taken from our breakfast spot, which has 360 degree views of mountains and high desert.

Our days have fallen into a pretty pleasant rhythm of waking up with the sun, eating yogurt and granola with some fruit, aka an entire giant container of blueberries, making 4 cups of coffee for Larissa to consume alone, riding, swimming in lakes and cooking elaborate meals at the campsite. I might sound like a broken record (the last blog post was written in a very ADD state) but I love the simplicity and relaxed feeling of living in the van and racing full time :) Eating breakfast with phenomenal views doesn't hurt either! We could probably improve on our hygiene though, because swimming in a lake isn't quite as good as a real shower. 
I also mentioned in the last post that I was cracked and not myself last week/and that I cried on Monday's ride. Well Tuesday I turned a HUGE corner, and felt 110% back to my old self on and off the bike. We hit the nationals course for 2 quick laps, and then rode some other fun Mammoth trails singing at the top of our lungs the whole time. It was like riding a mountain bike for the first time, I never wanted to stop and my heart was filled with joy at the end. To top off a perfect day we ate my favorite bagel sandwich at my favorite coffee shop Stellar Brew for lunch and then swam in Convict lake. 

Here is a picture of the view from our singing ride.
And Convict Lake...
And we got to hang out with Lauren at the lake too, which meant the afternoon was full of laughs and ridiculous conversations.
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We continued to camp in our BLM spot on Tuesday night, and made Thai Curry for dinner. Unfortunately Menso didn't realize that silken Tofu isn't ideal for stir fry... and that curry paste needs coconut milk to make a sauce... but it turned out ok for another meal made on a 2 burner camp stove!

Our routine was a little different on Wednesday because neither of us rode, and rest days can be hard to fill when you are a naturally active person. I spent much of the day planning travel for the late season races, and then watched the cutest little 0 -10 year olds race their nationals races!

Look how many little shredders were in the 8-10 category!
And that brings us to today, our last light of camping for a while was last night, now Menso and I are both in condos/hotels in Mammoth and I almost peed behind a tree at the van just now because I'm so used to camp life... We got our pre-rides in today, did a little socializing with the best team ever, and now we are going to bed early because TOMORROW WE RACE!!!!!


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