Tuesday, July 12, 2016

State Champs Recap Finally!

#van life can take over a little, and it can mean multiple days without internet/time to blog... not a bad thing, but WHAT IF I NEED TO WRITE A RACE RECAP!?!?! Haha, so here's a brief one (because so much other stuff has happened in the past 6 days I want to write a real #vanlife post soon as well!
A little pre-Big bear workout at altitude had me like *gasp*
So pretty last minute style I called coach and asked if racing Crafts and Cranks/State Championships was a good idea. The race was in Big Bear, CA which is at elevation, and I hadn't gotten to race in Big Bear yet this year. Coach gave me the green light, so Menso and I headed out on Thursday and van camped on top of Radford Rd to sleep.

My favorite part of racing is seeing Phil Beckman on course... :)
The actual race was super fun, but to be honest I was a little cracked still from all the racing and traveling in the past 5 weeks.

In typical Big Bear racing fashion the Pro men and women started together, and it was fun chasing the fast dudes up the initial fire road. I felt awesome for the first hour, up the smooth fire road climbs, and down the flat sections I was even making time on some of the dudes. The course took us all the way out on fire road and then across Skyline trail to make for an incredibly singletrack heavy XC race. About an hour in my head got to me with the thought that I couldn't see anyone behind and the cracked feelings of general burn out, and I dialed it back just enough to have fun.

Highlights of the race included riding behind the shreddiest grom Turner on Skyline, seeing all the cool SoCal people at the start and drinking a few beer samples at the beer fest afterwards. Menso and I both won pro XC state champs, we are going to blame Van Diesel for being the winning vehicle. I also got to hang out with some of my favorite industry people, like the cool kids from TASCO, Crank Brothers, and Oakley, it was seriously the best festival/beerfest/race and I'm so sad I didn't take more pictures. Seriously if you live in SoCal you should come to this event next year (everyone had TOO MANY beer tickets!).

We both missed our podiums, so this is the best alternative. 
K, it's time for a lake swim, a nap and then some delish camping dinner.