Tuesday, July 26, 2016

On Being Home

I love traveling. I love seeing new places, waking up surrounded by pine trees, swimming in lakes and seeing the awesome bike racing community out at different venues across the country (and overseas). I think all the travel is one of the biggest perks of my 'job' but this week at home has been absolutely one of the best weeks of my summer by leaps and bounds.

When Menso and I woke up in Yosemite a week ago, and waded across Tenaka Lake I thought I was sad for the trip to be ending, to the idea of going home to dry, brown, hot Silverado. One week later though I could not feel happier to be at home, and I am actually a little less excited to leave on Wednesday night.

Things I love about home + things I was able to do at home in the week I've been back:

Sleep in my own bed: Oh man is sleeping in your bed with your pillows and AC good :) So good I slept most of the day Tuesday and Wednesday after getting back. Extra bonus is how happy Davey dog is when he jumps in the bed in the morning to say hi, that's a pretty happy time of the day!

And a HUGE perk of getting good rest + being home is being able to do some quality training: Although I like to think that I did a pretty good job doing the right intervals and what not on the road, it's incredible how much harder I can go/how much better the work ends up being on the roads I know really well when all the variables like sleep and food and stuff are consistent and don't cause any added stress. The work I've done in the past week has played a huge role in helping me reset mentally from nationals, and I don't think that would have happened if I had stayed on the road!

Sopapillas from a box mix :)
Baking and eating real/healthy (mostly) food: Being home means having access to a full kitchen and having the time to plan and create the foods I am most used to and I think there is a lot of value in that. Plus I love baking so Italian Apricot cake, granola, home made croutons, and sopapilla were all baked in the past 7 days. Don't worry, the cake and sopapilla were made to share at dinner get togethers, which brings me to another highlight of being home...
Apricot cake made with a neighbors apricots!
Seeing all the cool/supportive/inspiring people in Orange County whom I love: I got to SUP with my rad inspiring neighbor Chay, we had dinner with her family, and we got to go to Maxwell's Backyard Get together. And tonight I get to cheer for all the rad OC Over The Hump racers! I could go on forever about how much the mountain bike community in Orange County means to me, from them teaching me to ride a bike to helping pick me back up when I'm down, but that's another post for another time. So grateful to have these people to come home to when I'm not racing.

And of course, the biggest perk of being home has been spending time with hubs :) I have enjoyed our week of hanging out together every day so much that I'm not really ready to leave again. We got to do some deck work, go on a hot dogpark dinner date, grocery shop together, eat dinner every night (in bed :) together. It's hard to explain how much I have enjoyed doing all the everyday mundane activities with Brendan this week. He's so fun to work on projects with, he's so smart, and thorough, and meticulous. He has the prettiest eyes and the best eyebrows, and I love his vision for things like our house and the van and raising fish in our little pond. He doesn't shy away from hard stuff, and he makes me want to be a better person.

We got the front footer up, which was a HUGE step for us, that was the thing that was the most confusing about how to do properly, and now everything seems like it's going to go faster as a result!

And I'm sure if I was home for a lot longer that I would get the itch to leave again, to travel and see new places and race bikes, but for now I'm savoring the last day and a half here in Orange County. I'm enjoying washing the dishes and doing the laundry and cleaning the floors... and kinda looking forward to being back for the long haul at the end of September :)

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  1. Nice pictures. I guess You have a lot experiences when you on being home. You are lucky with your family, not many guys can do it like you. Enjoy it