Friday, July 29, 2016

Boston Rebellion Course Thoughts

Carl asked how the course was here in Walpole, MA on Strava today, so here is a rundown of the Boston Rebellion US Cup XC course!

The race venue is called Adam's Farm and it's in the beautiful green field with a bright red barn complete with white trim surrounded by dense East Coast forest. When we arrived at the farm today it was raining a bit, but WARM, and by the time we left it was stinking hot and sticky, perfectly east coast humid.

The race starts on grass, but quickly takes us to a narrow gravel road, and then singletrack, a hole shot that will be crucial.

The singletrack is in dense woods, like dark, moist dense woods. The trail is littered with slippery rocks and roots, and there are a few super techy rock gardens whose lines I had to work on to dial today. Riders twist up a short climby section and then scream down a short descent and then basically wind through flat rocky beautiful woods for 6k. Near the end of the lap there are two short fire road sections, and a nice log you have to pop over. At the very end of the lap there is a sweet A-line/B-line split where the A-line takes you off a 3 ft drop (more if you launch it) and the B-line option forces you over 4 logs and then around a 180 degree turn.

Each lap boasts 350ft of climbing, but that doesn't mean it's fast because all the roots and turns and stuff really slow you down! I honestly had an absolute blast pre-riding today, like hooting and hollering fun, and the faster you go the more fun the course is... until your tire slips on a rock and you have to dab :)

We are doing 5 laps tomorrow, and there is some crazy stiff international competition so it's going to be wicked fast. Because it's a new course to me, because there is no huge climb to string out the field and because there are so many euros and fast chicks here I have NO idea what to expect. AND because I actually had SO much fun pre-riding today I'm really refreshingly excited about this race. I'm not anxious, nervous, uptight like I've been for the past two months, I'm genuinely excited to hit the start line tomorrow and see what happens out there!

Also I was too buys riding to take any pictures... oops :)


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