Thursday, June 2, 2016

What's Next? (And a Sort of Van Undate)

We've been back from Europe for 2 days, and the bags and bikes have been unpacked, and clothes washed, and it's time to hit the road again for the next leg of the summer racing/training :)

This afternoon I will drive to St. George, Utah en route to Salt Lake City to celebrate one of my best friends on a pre-wedding backpacking weekend. Then I will get a good block of training at altitude in Park City next week, followed by Go Pro Games in Vail, CO.

After that I will stay at altitude a few more days before heading to Missoula, Montana for US Cup #3 (woohoo!!!).

Then it'll be a bit of a trek to Angel Fire, New Mexico for the ProXCT there the following weekend!

After that I am hoping to fly from AZ to the Czech Republic for Worlds, BUT the team isn't announced until June 5, so cross your fingers for me that I am selected to represent the USA and don my first ever US team kit!!! (That is a MAJOR 2016 goal of mine, so if I go BIG TIME dreams coming true!)

AND following Worlds I will fly home-ish and then drive the van to Mammoth for a final block of altitude training before Nationals on July 17.

Yeah, I think I just counted 5 races in 6 weeks... it's going to be AWESOME! I'm pinching myself that this is my life still, and the coolest part is that we have this RAD Sprinter van I get to do the whole trip in. So here's what the van looks like for this trip.

Because we were in Euroland for the past 2 weeks, we didn't have the time or finances to purchase and install solar panels/inverters/batteries/fridge/stove... so for now the van is fully insulated for temperature control and sound, has a sweet bed and a nice ceiling fan to keep cool in the evenings. Oh and sweet window covers that are both insulated and block all light/lookie loos. I'm taking three bikes with me and all fit under the bed, so there is a TON of space left in the front of the van where eventually the kitchen will go.

I could technically do this trip in the Prius, BUT the bikes would always have to be on the outside of the car, and it would be a tight squeeze to fit all the camping/riding/travel gear inside with me at night. That being said, I have extra room, so if anyone is looking to carpool from Utah to Missoula, or Utah to Angel Fire hit me up! I can take like 4 more people AND 4 bikes :)

Also it's definitely worth mentioning that Brendan worked so so hard to finish getting the van ready this week. from oil changes, to putting all the panels back on, to doing the wiring for the fan, I don't know where I would be without his selfless dedication to making the van as great a road trip vehicle as possible. Love love love that boy!

So that's what the next 5 weeks looks like! Phase 3 of the 2016 race season HERE I COME!


  1. Good luck out there.. Keep up the solid work...

  2. Good luck on the racing!
    The van conversion looks amazing. Perfect setup for mountainbiker!

  3. I'm not a stalker. Honestly. But I will be following you from Missoula to Angel Fire. Glad you're going to be there too. Someone's got to keep the entertainment value high! Unfortunately no Czech trip for me. I hope you make it. You deserve it!

  4. Shoot man....WOW!! Wishing I could hit Montana with you!!
    And yeah, Brendan IS THE MAN!!!