Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Well that Was One For the Books!

First of all CONGRATULATIONS to Jessica Mazaitis!! I'll get in touch with you tomorrow about what size kit you wear and where to ship it!

Thanks to everyone who faithfully reads and comments on my blog :) I'm already brainstorming what I can give away next! I love the idea of giving away cool stuff to thank you all for all the cheering and just being awesome people!

And a few final words about the Missoula race weekend! I kinda can't get over how great the weekend was, and it's pretty much all due to having such awesome team mates and support from Ridebiker. From our pre-rides on Friday, to race morning chillin' at the best French pastry shop in Montana (is it bizarre that I ate pastries in Missoula but was so scared to in France... yes, yes it is!) it was an all around amazing time because having good team mates and being on such a well supported team makes every minute of race weekends amazing.

Highlights from the weekend include:

Being part of the 'ride with the pros' pre-ride where we met a bunch of cool people and shared the joy of being on mountain bikes riding amazing trails!

Eating Brazilian food from 5 On Black on Friday night at Cara's park with live music and rad teamies! We especially liked the cheese filled little bread rolls :)

Hanging out with and race prep with the #1 team manager Adam Pulford. This guy can handle a shit storm like none other (sorry about the swearing but I had no other words) and we are SOOOOOO lucky to have him at races like this. No matter where you are, or how stressed you get about the race, Adam makes pretty much everything better, AND he put Oreos in Emily's sandwich!

Watching the Leogang DH World Cup on my laptop while killing time before XC on Saturday, but realizing that was a terrible idea because my heart rate was pinned for the entire 1.5 hours cheering on the riders and hoping they wouldn't crash!

Hail pouring down from the skies literally RIGHT when I wanted to start warming up on Saturday before the XC race.

Somehow missing the memo on the STXC holeshot prime and thinking it was a 1st lap prime, thus missing the 2 cases of beer and $25... haha

Pushing myself to the limit at the end of STXC to stay away from Evelyn for 2nd place :)

AND the best post race ride with these kids EVER! We climbed almost 4,000ft and got an incredible descent as the reward. Plus many many laughs, some steep sections of agonizing post race climbing and wildflowers for days!

So many good memories from an amazing race weekend. It's time for bed, but I'm stoked to do it all again this coming weekend in Angel Fire, New Mexico!!!!


  1. One of these weekends I'm gonna stow away in that van so I can come cheer your happy ass on!!

  2. Wjat a great time in your life...soak it all in....

  3. Wjat a great time in your life...soak it all in....

  4. Thank you!! I can't wait! And awesome post, I don't know who wouldn't be excited about mountain biking after reading your blog.

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