Friday, June 10, 2016

Van-life Update and Vail Mountain Games Pre-ride

I'm back on the road again, this time in Vail, Colorado for a fun little XC race at the GoPro Games. Yesterday I drove the van from Salt Lake to Fruita, CO (about 4 hours) and slept in the desert at my favorite free campsite in Rabbit Valley. Then I woke up early and finished the drive to Vail this morning (another 2.5 hours). As soon as I got here it was time for a quick pre-ride, and now I'm all about chillin' by the river, reading my book and relaxing :) Van life isn't half bad. I did buy coffee on the road today because somehow I lack the pot to boil water on the road, but maybe I can remedy that here at the outdoor gear expo!

And now some pictures of the van life :)

Rabbit Valley camp site, always peaceful and warm, this time with the bonus of a beautiful sunset. I watched the sun go down as I ate a salad, and slept with the van doors wide open. 

The course here in Vail is super rad. It's basically one kick in the pants hard climb (maybe 1,200 ft) followed by a descent so long and so fun you kinda get worn out by the end. The descent is kinda like a flow trail, complete with dipping, weaving, flowy turns through Aspen trees. It's smooth-ish but my arms were crazy sore from rock climbing and yoga yesterday so the pre-ride hurt a bit :) The whole race is between 8,000 and 9,000 feet, so it was also a breathless kinda pre-ride. Tomorrow is gonna hurt something good, but I'm excited to not be sick like I was last year, and I'm WAY hydrated, so hopefully that helps!

After the race tomorrow I'll drive to Dinosaur, CO (about 4 hours) and do the free camping thing again, before continuing onto Park City for a super rad Sunday Funday ride. I'm sad to be spending so little time in Colorado this year, but thems the breaks when there is no US Cup here. The good news is that Colorado isn't going anywhere, and I'm pretty sure it will still be super rad next year!

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