Thursday, June 16, 2016

Some Updates/newsy Things

First of all, I made it to Missoula today! Last night I slept in the van in a free campsite by a lake WITH A REAL BATHROOM ( you know, the kind with a hole in the ground toilet). When I arrived at 7pm I resisted the urge to drive into the wee hours of the night, and took the time to go for a nice helmet-less spin (naughty, naughty Larry) and to stretch it out with a nice long lakeside yoga sesh.
Spinning on a deserted dirt road with snowy mountains in the background - heaven!
Then I woke up, made oats and hit the road. After a pit stop in Butte, MT for coffee and a sando (and two free slices of cinnamon raisin bread) I finished off the drive to Missoula. The views on the drive blew my mind the WHOLE TIME!


And now for the news. 

First of all I will be on the news in LA tomorrow!!! If you are in the area, there will be a 2 minute bit about me and racing and stuff at 4:45pm (NBCLA). If you don't live in LA I think you can watch it live streamed on Pretty exciting stuff, right?!?

Secondly I am so appreciative of your support and kind words that I want to give something back! SOOOO tomorrow I'm going to post about the Missoula US Cup (like a course preview) and I'm going to pick a commenter at random and given them one of my kits!!! If you win, I will collect sizing info (and yeah, there is a men's kit option) and you will be able to rock the flower power kit!!!! I'm so excited!!!

I feel like there is more news, BUT it's 10:15 here, so I need to get my booty to sleep. SOOO excited to give away a kit and to RACE BIKES with ALL THE FAST LADIES THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!


  1. So excited for you. I know a TV celebrity.

  2. (Solo van trip?) Well hey, you made it. Good luck in your race, represent. I'm gonna win that flowery kit (and then match Ali)! Keep livin' the dream Larissa.

  3. You make us proud! Enjoy your upcoming race.

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  5. I hope it's not an actual random choice and you choose me because we're neighbors! Hahaha
    Very stoked and excited for your adventures!
    I thought about how bad your legs burn as I was giving it all I had going up Modjeska grade yesterday!

  6. Montana really is "The Last Best Place." Enjoy your time in Zoo Town and race pretty!