Thursday, June 23, 2016

On the Road... AGAIN!

Yep, I'm pretty much loving the nomad life. Not sure where the chronicles of #van life left off, but after Short Track in Missoula and our epic post STXC ride, I drove to an awesome free campsite somewhere in Idaho halfway back to SLC. I got there after dark, so I was pleasantly surprised in the morning by a train on one side and a river on the other side of the campsite! I love trains AND rivers, so it was a good day :)

After some yoga on a picnic bench, and a lazy breakfast I rolled out and headed to Salt Lake, with one little pit stop to spin the legs out and get diesel. Side note, I haven't accidently put gas in the van once this trip! (yet)

The view from yoga... swoon :)
Tuesday I got to ride the 'real Park City' thanks to amazing tour guide Chris from Switchback Sports in PC who convinced me that mid-mountain may be good, but there is better!!! And Wednesday was for intervals and yoga/core plus starting the drive to New Mexico.

The forest in Park City is AMAZING!!! I could stare into the trees all day.
On Wednesday evening I made it to Mesa Verde National Park ouside of Cortez, CO and slept off a BLM road. In the morning I was supposed to get right on the road, but couldn't resist the call of Phil's World, the most amazing mtb trail ever, which was like 2 miles away. SO I cheated and did a very chill 10 mile spin full of shouting with glee as the trail swooped and dipped through the desert. This network is NOT TO BE missed if you are even in southwest CO!

Post spin I drove to Durango, CO. I've never been to Durango before and I am already in love because the nice boy at the coffee shop gave me a free cookie just for having cycling tanlines :) Also, I know it's sad I didn't get to ride there, but I'm sure I'll be back. 

Now I'm sitting at a cafe in Tierra Amarilla, NM drinking iced coffee, taking care of some buisness, and listening to epic mountain thunder and light rain falling on the tin roof. My battery is going to die any second, and I need to hit the road again, next stop, TAOS!!!

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