Saturday, June 25, 2016

Angel Fire Pre-Ride

Soooo, I know I have a lot to write about, a lot. BUT I'm in Angel Fire, NM for this race today, and there is NO WIFI at out house/I have no data on my phone in this whole area so I'm gonna stick with this pre-ride recap for now because I don't have a ton of time beofre we RACE BIKES!!!! I'll try to get the other words in my mind out on my six hour layover at JFK on Monday :)
Glorious, smooth, NM goodness. 

So this weekend's race has brought me to Angel Fire, NM. My first time even in New Mexico, and the third elevation race of the season! This bad boy starts at 8,500ft and promptly climbs 700 ft to just over 9,000ft. The climb is all on a trail called Enlightenment, which is fitting because by the top I'm seeing things and feeling very... englightened haha. Pre-rideing was fun when I was doing easy lap, but on my race paced lap I was having so many struggles! It's dang hard to climb 700ft when you're already on top of the world! haha.

This portion of the climb is actually 
BUT the descent is as fun as the climb is hard, and by the bottom of each lap I had forgotten the agony of the climb! The descent takes you down one of the lift access trails, winding through the trees, over some jumps and pushing the front wheel into glorious bermed turns. It's technical enough to be interesting, but smooth enough to be ripping fast. Like Missoula and Nationals, this race is one big climb followed by one big descent, glorious ski resort mountain bike racing!

Needless to say, I got no pictures on the descent because I was having way too much fun! Instead, here is ANOTHER picture of beautiful New Mexico singletrack!

So it rained all day on Thursday, leading me to think the trails would be tacky. They were not. It's supposed to rain again today when we are racing, so it should be interesting :) We start at 4:15pm, so like Missoula it's another kill time all afternoon until race time kinda day. This time I am NOT watching world cup DH races though!

In other news, I ate my first sopapilla yesterday after pre-riding and it WAS AMAZING!!! Not hating New Mexican food right now.

Off to get ready to race, wish me luck! This is gonna hurt :)

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