Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A Quick Life Update

I've been frusty lately, I'm not gonna lie. I caught a little cold post plane flight home from Europe, a cold I hoped would pass quickly. BUT there was a lot to do, and driving a van to Utah, and backpacking in the snow... so basically my body was kinds unhappy with me and choose to hang onto the cold.

Because I've been so congested and doing a bit of coughing I haven't gotten to do intervals since we got back to the States. Poo.

Last spring, basically at this exact same time I got a head cold, continued to do my intervals, and basically ended up sick for the whole summer. BUT I've learned my lesson from last year and I've been taking it crazy easy since arriving in Utah. We're talking Larissa is no fun and won't even go to trivia no fun.

Now, a week and a half later, I think I'm feeling 100% again and I've never been more excited to do intervals tomorrow!

In the meantime I've been riding some fun trails as slow as possible, and hanging out with this cool kid! Silver lining to being a little sick and not getting to do intervals? Grandma rides with Taryn on Pipeline trail!

And I've been enjoying Utah like none-other. I can't get enough of the wild flowers, snowy mountains that are always in view and beautiful tree covered hillsides!

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