Thursday, May 26, 2016

Trainin' on the Road in Euroland...

Is going well. While we have been doing a little sight seeing and driving around Europe, the week has been dictated by training and rest first and fun second priority.

Tuesday I was supposed to go for a 2 hour medium effort ride, so Nicola took me on an awesome half dirt, half pavement ride on the beautiful roads and fun trails near his house! It rained all day Monday where we were staying in Switzerland so the trails were quite wet and the roots quite slippery. I may have crashed pretty good in the beginning of the ride, but did my best to master the roots on the ride.
Nicola says the next step in becoming a successful World Cup racer is being able to ride all types of conditions well, aka slipper roots to scary rocks to dry dusty trails. I'm counting this ride as part of that process. Something I've learned big time on this trip is that racing bikes is still a process. It doesn't all happen over night (at least for me). This is my first trip to Euroland, my first HUGE World Cup races, and my first time racing in such a different time zone. I am soaking it all in big time, but also trusting in the process and progression I know I will see as a result of this trip.

So I learned a ton on the ride, and saw some pretty stellar views as well. 

Wednesday I had to do some intervals on a flat road, so Nicola showed me an amazing lake I could ride around and do intervals in the process. The loop had pretty churches, and an unbelievable view of the Alps!

My legs were still a bit flat from racing on Sunday, but I did my work as best as I could (with no power meter on the road it's a little hard to know if I was going hard enough, but by my HR and breathing, I think it was pretty darn good) and then soaked in the views before rolling back up the hill to Nicolas.

Yeah, this view didn't suck at all!

And in the afternoon, after some yoga in the sun and lots of stretching we hit the 'world's largest' pump track (not sure how true that is, but I'm going with it). It was made of concrete so I was a little scared of loosing all my skin if I crashed, but holy moley was it fun! There were a couple different lines, and of course we felt much more comfortable on the little kids lines than the big jump lines. I did get scolded by some little kids for going the wrong direction on a section of the track. 

I especially loved the wildflowers between the lines. 

AND today, Thursday, I was supposed to do a recovery ride before ramping up to this weekend's race, so Brendan and I rolled around the lake again and soaked in the farms and scenery. It was super warm and brilliantly sunny and felt like the absolute perfect day. 
Shorts and a jersey and a beautiful creek with a pretty bridge!

Mechanic gets to ride bikes too! 
Tomorrow we pre-ride the course in the am, a bunch! Then Saturday a little baby pre-ride and then rest like a crazy person. It's supposed to rain all weekend so staying indoors and off my feet sounds VERY doable :)

And that's what this week of training away from home has looked like. I was pretty wiped out from the race for a few days, but my body and my mind are coming around very well, so I'm stoked for this weekend! Bring it on Le Bresse!!!

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