Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Shut Up Switzerland!

This blog is a little behind, so here's a little more travel updated, back to the biking stuff tomorrow!

After the race on Sunday, we drove to Eldibach, Switzerland to stay with Feltie Nicola in heaven. The drive from Albstadt nearly killed me it was so pretty, but I didn't even know Switzerland was going to be EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL in every way than Germany. Everything is perfect here, the houses are all beautiful, the country side is breath taking, the drivers don't care at all if you're riding and blocking the road, and there are bike commuters everywhere. There are incredible trees and pigs and cows and goats and sheep... everywhere you go you hear the bells on cows necks... it's so good I'm almost disgusted!
On Monday we had a bit of active recovery with a little walking tour of Zurich, which is the most beautiful city ever. Seriously, on a river, with a thousand amazing churches, swans in their lake, and coffee/pastries every 10 feet. What more could you want in a city. Also all the buildings are so so cute and everywhere you turn there are incredibly cute alleys to wander down.

The only problem we found with Zurich (and all of switzerland I guess) was that stuff is VERY expensive here, making us feel very very poor. Kein problem though, we are good at being frugal, and are waiting to buy postcards and other necessities until we get to France where it is supposed to be cheaper! It also rained all day and was 7 degrees celsius, but I wasn't bothered by the poor weather, I kinda like exploring big cities in the rain!

And yesterday after riding bikes we explored Lucerne, another adorable city on a beautiful river with more incredible buildings. We did a lot less walking this time, in fact, we basically parked, walked across an awesome covered bridge and then got coffee and soaked it in for an hour.
I love Euro coffee because the foam is always perfect and they pretty much ALWAYS give you a little cookie on the side :)

Here are more pictures of amazing buildings. I took a million and a half pictures of buildings and alley ways. I realize most these pictures will go unseen by anyone, and unlooked at by me, but when you're in Switzerland you just can't stop being amazed by the beauty!

The river running through Lucerne with cute houses on the other side. 
Amazing fountains and towers and churches everywhere.
A very nice collection of cuckoo clocks in a kitch shop. 
I will post about the trainings tomorrow, but this is what we have been up to lately :)

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