Thursday, May 19, 2016

Quick Euro Update

Our trip to Germany for the World Cup in Albstadt has been a little nutty so far, with lost bikes and long travel and some navigational issues, but we made it safely to Euroland and are SO STOKED to race here!! 

Many more details to come, but a quick update on the plane ride and our first day in Germany.We were SO excited in LAX, can you tell? Lufthansa didn't charge us the $300 for two bikes they told Brendan they were going to charge on the phone, so we felt sneaky getting out of that! The flight was super fast and easy compared to what I expected. I get unhappy sitting in the car for 8 hours, so I thought 11 in a plane would be torture, but nope! I slept most of the flight, and Brendan watched 4 movies. 
They fed us amazing food on the plane, but I may have low standards :)

And the first thing I saw when we got off the plane was a coffee vending machine, so I felt like I was in a safe place, obvi surrounded by intelligent people (because they value coffee that much, get it?)

They we found out that my bikes were both still in LA, and we were very very sad. I may have cried a tear or two, esp because the man at Lufthansa made it sound like they may not arrive for a few days. The good news is that we have a lot of amazing friends and I was able to borrow a bike today, and got to do my intervals and some laps on the track. More on that tomorrow, because it's bed time in Europe :)

Oh, and a few more pictures:
Stuttgart, the city we flew into. I am in love with Southern Germany, it's so stinkin pretty here!

A rad statue of a lade picking cabbage we stumbled across. We thought this an interesting subject for a statue :)
Brendan and Colin eating all the meat and cheese for me since I am trying not to be an elephant by the time we leave :) Brendan had Snitzel and I'm not gonna lie, I tasted it and it was AMAZING. Colin had meat filled pasta pockets and they looked amazing as well! 

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