Thursday, May 5, 2016

Why Whiskey Was SOOO Good: The People

Like every bike race, me pedaling my bike is just a small part of the equation that leads to success and good times. Last weekend was no exception, in fact there were a TON of people who contributed to the awesomeness of the trip, and for that I am eternally thankful. In no particular order I am super grateful for:

Roger from Kenda: gave me a place to stay, went above and beyond to make sure I had appropriate tires for the crit and all possible conditions on Sunday, and was the source of much laughter! 

TASCO: Nate from TheAwesomeShirtCompany let me bum a ride all the way to Prescott in the #TASCOteamtransporter with the TASCO crew which made the whole trip so much easier than driving all the way out there by myself like last year! We also laughed until we cried multiple times on the trip out (and back), and ate at an amazing 5 star middle of nowhere restaurant. Basically the 12 hours of driving there and back was as fun/exciting/memorable as the race itself. 

Erin Alders: Erin has been a friend and one of my mountain bike mentor/roll models for a long time. I remember when Erin won Downieville like 5 years ago, I was just so in awe of how fast she was, especially how well she descended. Erin totally made my day on Thursday when we were pre-riding, when she told me my descending has improved a lot. Talk about a confidence boost, when someone you idolize for their descending skills tells you that you are doing a good job! Erin is also one of those team mates who is just so damn encouraging, she never hesitates to say positive, uplifting things that make me smile and get me pumped to race bikes. Everyone needs an Erin in their lives :)

Jake the mechanic: This guy came to us from the Adventure Seekers LLC to provide race support since Pulford was otherwise engaged and he handled the challenge of the needs of our huge team like a champ! It was HEAVEN having someone to throw different tires on my bike multiple times throughout the weekend, and he fed us like a pro during the race on Sunday! So grateful for Jake's endless work all weekend making sure all we had to worry about was racing bikes :)

Me, Bill and Kenny! 
Kenny Wehn: This guy works for Stan's, not one of my personal sponsors, but he takes amazing photos at every race and is really good at capturing my inner beauty. On Sunday Kenny saved my life by giving me a full bottle of drink mix at the bottom of Skull Valley when I needed nutrition like no other. I had finished the bottle on my bike, was already cramping, and was freaked about the possibility of climbing the 9 miles out with no water or drink mix. Thanks Kenny for saving my life! You are the best!
Bill Freeman: Bill is one of the rowdy band of mountain bikers who taught me how to really ride a bike, and he takes THE ABSOLUTE BEST pictures at races and NEVER EXPECTS me to pay for them which is SOOOOO freaking rad when you're a starving athlete trying to maintain a blog full of colorful pretty pictures that depict the suffering and glory from races! I exaggerate, but I do really really freaking appreciate Bill's generosity because I know he is doing a ton of work and it's so rad that he is always there cheering me on in races. Oh yeah, and did I mention he is the best cheerer?! Seriously, this guy yells stuff like 'Carl is catching you!' and then I just laugh and ride harder, if I can! hahaha, Bill is the best!

Bob Loffler: Bob is my neighbor and he was a knight in shining armor this weekend, delivering my hardtail which I initially neglected to bring just in time for the phat tyre Crit. Bob also cheered like a pro during the crit AND helped transport my bikes home! I'm so lucky to have such great neighbors and friends!

Of course I love and appreciate so many more people than just this list, like Pulford and Freeman who answered all my freaked out texts and calls, and all the spectators who cheered and made me laugh. AND thank you to everyone who said encouraging words and believed in me this weekend!!

So there is a little peek into all the people who made this year's Whiskey way cool. I've never laughed so much in one weekend before, thanks friends for that!

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