Friday, May 20, 2016

Germany day 2

Our second full day in Euroland was FAR more successful than the first! It started with sleeping in till 11am (we got more than 12 hours of sleep!) and the most amazing breakfast consisting of clearance foods Colin found in the clearance section of an organic grocery on weds night. 
Then we headed to Albstadt (we are staying in Burlindingen) to meet up with my saviors Andres and Nicola who loaned me a bike to ride until mine arrived. Andreas is a demo driver for Felt in Germany, and I am forever indebted to him!!! 
Coach was mean and made me do intervals, but at least I found this incredibly pretty road out of town complete with adorable houses, goats and cows with bells around their necks. It was so pleasant it was almost disgusting!

Brendan tried to do my intervals with me on an enike, but couldn't keep up (hehe) and then I did a few laps on the crazy muddy, slippery, terrifying course. If you know the Santa Anas it was like if it rained for 5 days on Yeager and then you dumped 100gallons of oil down it, that's what the course is like. Of course between moments of panic as I was sliding down the hill out of control, rear tire right next to the front, I was giggling and laughing so hard. I ended the day pretty scared though, let's be honest, I wasn't sure I could keep the rubber side down and on the track come Sunday!
The best part of riding the course was meeting Kerry from Scottland! We did a few laps together and chatted about our racing experiences and it was so fun talking to someone from the other side of the world with pretty much the exact same experiences as me! I also made friends with a legit photographer and a cute Stocklii rider (he looked like he was 18) and saw some friendly faces from racing in the US!
The descents on the course are gnarly, but the climbs (above) are so manicured! And it has such pleasant views of the town!
And on Thursday night we drove back to Stuttgart where both my babies waited for us! The whole day was so good, and seeing my bikes in Germany was the icing on the cake! 
More course info and pictures soon! Now we are going to check out a castle!! 


  1. Jeannie says, "and why are we not in Germany right now?" Peter says, "because it is so pleasant here" (crawling on a freeway near Portsmouth, NH.) So glad the bikes arrived. Thanks for the update and pics. Love, Mom

  2. What is it about you and lost-in-the-plane bikes?