Thursday, April 7, 2016

Well Poo

Monday's sunny recovery ride... when the future seemed bright.
This week took an interesting turn yesterday in the middle of my interval workout, when I hit the least assuming of rocks and hit the deck, hard. Everything was going so well, I was about to finish my only hard workout for the week, and my plans included an afternoon of foam rolling, a few runny eggs for lunch, and some stretching/yoga in the sun on our back deck. But none of that happened. Instead I spent 45 minutes descending the 10 miles back home with a shattered handlebar, blacking out while on the phone with the advice nurse and then 5 hours in the ER getting X-rays and having my wounds scrubbed. A rock, like the littlest, least threatening rock on a fire road derailed my week and possibly my plans to head back to Bonelli for the first US Cup of the year this Saturday. Poop.

Tuesday's ride with awesome team mates was also cheery!
I've seen plenty of other people get injured in this sport, many far worse than my sprained elbow with gnarly road rash. I always felt bad for them, but couldn't ever really sympathize all the way till now, because I've never been sidelined during the season before, and it kinda blows.

On the way to the ER I was certain my arm was broken because it was so so swollen, but X-Rays showed my 'I'm going to miss so many races' tears were premature and all my bones are intact. What a weird feeling of relief to know that I'll be back on my bike soon, but maybe not soon enough for this weekend. To want so badly to race bikes but to have a broken body that needs time to mend first. I'm so so grateful nothing is broken, but so worried that I will jump the gun and race too soon, causing further damage to the bruised up, unhappy swollen ligaments and tendons.
Adrenaline got me through the first hour post crash :) After the adrenaline wore off I couldn't lift my arm evento my heart! 
So that's where I am right now, doing my best to keep the arm elevated, iced and anti-inflamitoried, and to keep my thoughts positive. I'm so so grateful for the support from everyone who has reached out in concern, and for all the kind words on the social medias. Thanks everyone for all your thoughts, prayers and encouraging words. At the very least I will be out there cheering my butt off at Bonelli, so that could end up being a fun substitute for racing. :)

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