Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The shortest of the STXC Recaps

Short track HURT on Sunday! Like for half the race I was off the back hurt! Prob it was the heat and the fact that I did a horrid job of recovering on Sat, and didn't sleep all night. 

The course was a 2ish minute oval with one little jerk of a climb and a few sketch corners. So yeah, I was off the back forever, wondering if I would make it to the last lap, and then after prime #1 I somehow rejoined the lead group! It was like a miracle! Oh wait, no, it wasn't a miracle, I let Amy Beisel tow me around for a bit, and then bring me back to the lead group... thanks Amy!!!

Then when they announced prime #2 I decided I wanted $50, so I attacked off the front in a kamikaze mission to blow myself to pieces for the monies! Somehow attacking off the front worked (it's pretty much never a good idea) and I got the prime. And then I sat up and basically stopped pedaling because I thought I was going to die. So a few riders rejoined me when I sat up, and then NO ONE would come around me and lead. I had two options, continue to soft pedal until SOMEONE came around me, or go back to hammering to keep our group small and improve my chances of a podium finish. I went with the latter, shredded myself for 3 laps and then Rose attacked the crap out of me on the last climb on the last lap to take the win. I was still pumped with 2nd, but a bit bummed because my tactics weren't really great considering how my body felt. Buy hey, I learned some things, and I did some thinking and tactical thinking in a bike race... so that's new! 

pretty pumped with 2 podiums in a weekend, even if I couldn't pull a Chloe and win both XC and STXC at the same event! 
So that't the short track break down! It was rad and I didn't want to do it and it ended with a podium and 50 bucks. 

Stay tuned for ONE more Fontana post about the super exciting non-bike racing events of the weekend coming tomorrow. A lot happened this weekend, I'm sad the good times are fading but there are so many more bike races on the horizon and hopefully more best weekends ever as well!

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