Sunday, April 3, 2016

Inspiration and Stuff

Yesterday was a dream. From the pre-race chillin' with my team mates to the start line nerves, lap 4 'attack' to crossing the finish line solo in my first ever UCI win, pretty much the best race experience made even sweeter by the support of an amazing team/sponsors/fans. And then we ate cake, by the ocean... absolutely the best day ever.

I'll write a real race recap with the nitty gritty details tomorrow when I'm resting like a boss, but since we are leaving to race short track soon, here is a short list of the people/things that inspired yesterday's win.

-Amanda Nauman's UCI wins in cyclocross this year. seeing a local hero take her bike racing dreams to the next level this winter was pretty darn inspiring, and was part of the puzzle of the shift in my mindset that helped me believe in myself.

-Adam Pulford telling me he thought I could have won at Bonelli two weeks ago. I never entertained the idea of winning one of these races, and this guy knows what he is doing, so another puzzle piece.

-Julia Violich. I wasn't really thinking about her during the race but talking to this crazy accomplished retired racer after the finish I realized it's people like her, who selflessly work so so hard to help others make their way in the sport, who care so much about mountain biking and getting access/support for youths who are responsible for where the sport is today, and I'm so thankful for that!

-Cake, by the ocean. I know it's getting old, but man was the idea of eating cake by the ocean inspiring. It's pretty much all I thought about on lap 4, until I realized what the song is really about. But when I still thought it was about cake... man, what a good thing to think about while racing!

-My Felt bikes. This year is an absolute dream come true because for the first time I am racing on the bikes Brendan Connors helps engineer, and he is so smart and designs such awesome bikes. It's so so inspiring to race on bikes designed by your husband :)

-And of course all the people cheering on the side of the course/at home + the Rads. I was thinking about all the cool people I've ridden with in my life, and all the different things they've taught me, like Mike Lee with pumping my bike, and Erin Alders with looking further ahead descending... I am surrounded by amazing people! So thanks guys, for teaching me and believing in me and inspiring me.

Pretty symmetric podium, right?

Best way to end a successful day of bike racing! That's the world's best flourless chocolate cake right there!

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