Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Recovery is a GO!

I want to write a nice, thoughtful post about what I learned at Bonelli #2, about the risk/reward of racing while injured or sick, or about how much I have learned about being a good team mate from my lady team mates... but we have to leave in 45 minutes to drive to NorCal and I haven't packed yet! Those things will have to percolate a little longer and I'll write those posts at some point in the future. For now, a quick injury update :) 
The arm is healing, but I still can't twist off lids without a serious amount of pain. The wounds are still pretty gross, but they decrease in 'radius' daily, most the discomfort I'm experiencing is from the itching of healing skin. The craziest thing is how sore my legs were after the race, Sunday through today. Like can't walk down the stairs forwards sore. I haven't experienced this since running my last marathon years ago, so it has been a pretty bizarre feeling over the past few days. I think my body is working really hard at repairing injuries and can't really be bothered to repair muscles at the same time. This is making me feel a little old, because in my 20's I could crash and bounce back really fast... now my body is pissed with having to do two jobs at once! 
So that's that. Off to Monterrey with us. Looking forward to riding bikes amongst Redwood trees very very soon!!

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