Thursday, March 17, 2016

Sponsor Highlight: Sugoi Apparel

Just gotta give a quick shout out to the Ridebiker mountain bike team clothing sponsor Sugoi Apparel. I've been rocking my 2016 kit for a few weeks now and it looks so freaking crisp and clean! 
2016 kit looks good when I'm racing...
AND it still looks good 2.5 hours later when I'm drinking podium champs (yep, that's the SAME kit I raced in... shit gets real when it takes you 2.5 hours to complete your pee test with USADA!)
I thought nothing could top last years floral craziness... but this year's kit is off the chain! 
2015 floral awesomeness!
People be tweeting about it too, like 

Philip Mooney
Mar 17
@RideBikerAlli @TeamRideBiker@SUGOI_Apparel I love the@Larissa_Connors kit!

So you KNOW it has to look good.

Besides me being a little crazy and loving having two different colored leg bands (white and pink, swoon!), Sugoi is rad because they do completely custom kits, they get 'em to you fast (think 4-6 weeks fast) and they let you order the number of kits YOU want, not a minimum of like 20. WHO NEEDS 20 OF THE SAME SIZE JERSEYS!?!?!!? Yeah, no one, that's what I thought. What's even cooler is that Sugio is a HUGE piece of the Ridebiker puzzle that makes mine and the 17 other pros on my team's careers possible. So thank you for that Sugoi, thank you for making kick butt kits, and for supporting my dreams, and all the dreams of ALL THE PEOPLE!!! Want to know more about how they support me and my team mates? Want to know how you can be part of the Ridebiker/Sugoi/Love family? Go here and read and stuff, OR just email me or chat me up at a race. I LOVE talking... so I can tell you EVERYTHING!
Oh, and did I mention my crotch has had NO PROBLEMS with these shorts, like, ever (and I do gross stuff like leave them on until 7pm the night of the Bonelli race because hygene, you know, not my strong suite). 
Oh and MOST importantly, they let me put a tramp stamp on my shorts... favorite detail right there!

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