Tuesday, March 1, 2016


I had the honor of going on a short Amgen Tour of California community ride before the press conference to announce the teams racing this year, and the whole experience left my skin tingling with joy. I feel so overwhelmed with gratitude and excitement that I grew up and still have roots in Santa Rosa, a city brimming with passion for cycling. I feel like my heart will burst with joy thinking about all the exciting things happening in Santa Rosa, and at the Tour of Cali this year, especially that there is a 4 stage women's race this year! I acted professional for like 54 minutes (which is weird), no spazy moments, I got to meet tons of amazing people who work for the city and help facilitate bike friendly activities and infrastructure in the city, and on top of everything, Dave Towle called me a "ray of sunshine" when he introduced me. It was a major #bestday !!!

Press conferencing... ya know, like one does :)

There is a lot of exciting stuff going on right now, like too much. I'm off to a Bike Monkey party, then to begin the drive South. More exciting updates coming soon :)

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