Friday, March 4, 2016

Life Lately

So there's having fun, and then there may be having too much fun, and over the past three days I think I've been leaning towards the latter :) Post Chico Stage race and the Amgen Tour of California ride/team announcement it's been go go go, in a good way, but also in a way that has made today's rest day very very nice.

Hanging with the coolest volunteers I know!
Tuesday evening (post Amgen thing) I got to attend a Bike Monkey volunteer appreciation "happy hour" in Santa Rosa. This event was the whole reason I stayed up north as long as I did, because I wanted to express MY gratitude towards both Bike Monkey and the other volunteers! If you don't know who these monkeys are, they put on a series of races in Sonoma County, as well as Levi's Gran Fondo, and they do such a fantastic job getting people pumped to ride and race bikes! ALSO they give HUGE amounts of their profits to charity to help out at risk youth. A lot of my pride in my hometown is a result of the fantastic work of these folks, so if you are reading this and you either work for Bike Monkey or have volunteered for them, THANKS!!!!!

Then I drove to Boulder Creek to stay with my rad road team mate Leah and break up the drive a bit. In the morning Leah suggested a route through Big Basin National Forest for my workout, and it was THE PRETTIEST RIDE EVER!!!! Yes, it deserved yelling! It was so pretty! Holy cow, Redwood trees for days, crisp air, sunlight filtering through the gigantic trees, ferns and moss all over, creeks alongside the road... my version of heaven!
A peak across the valley to the Redwood trees across the way. 
I was DYING about how pretty it was, and of course none of my cell phone pics do it justice!
I could ride this road every day for the rest of my life!
Immediately after the ride I drove home to SoCal, through hwy 152 which was so green and so pretty I was freaking out some more! The more times I drive from SoCal to NorCal or vice versa, the more I realize how taxing 8 hours of driving is on the body, which is weird because you are sitting the whole time. It wasn't the worst epic drive though, and somehow I only hit a tiny bit of LA traffic even though I drove through LA at 5pm!

Thursday I got to hang out with some cool kids from NBC LA all day to film a bit about my life, both pre-full time pro and now as an Olympic hopeful. We started early with commuting to school to "sub" a class at THS, which I'm sure the kids thought was super cool.

Some classroom interview questions in which I may have said some embarrassing things about my HS calc teacher... :)
And then goofed off on mountain bikes all afternoon, which I though was WAY COOL. But also way exhausting. The best part was that Brendan got to play camera man with a Go Pro and follow me around in Laguna. It was pretty fun riding with him, and just hanging out. Brendan even got to do a little interviewing and he said the sweetest things. I am the luckiest one to have such a smart and nice husband who believes in me so fiercely.  
B-Dan getting his interview on :) I was just chilling on a rock looking at insta and eavesdropping!
And not it's Friday, the last rest day before my first MTB race of the year! Davey and I worked from bed this morning for a bit before going for a little active recovery style hike. At one point I looked over and saw the below ridiculous scene... head on the pillow like a human and all! This dog...
Silverado is KILLING it with the pretty scenery right now!

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  1. Bike monkey is the entire reason you stayed up Larissa. Wow.