Friday, March 25, 2016

Life Lately: Less Inspired

My 'office' more than I should admit this week. 
Maybe it's coming home from a super fun, pretty, epic weekend of racing, or maybe it's just being sick that's got me down, but I've been a little less than inspired this week (mostly the past few days). Some kind of flu something or other hit me hard on Thursday, and then failing my workout today, like doing one interval and then pulling the plug style failing has me down a bit. Worst part is we are experiencing the most perfect weather ever in SoCal right now, and it's just a matter of time before temps soar to the 90's and we are forced back inside during the day. And I'm stuck on my butt, trying to recover/rest/get healthy enough to pin it a week from tomorrow at Fontana.
Not sure if it's just me, but I'm always comparing my physical condition to the past, and always thinking I was WAY faster/fitter/skinnier whatever last year. When I stop and think about it, I know this completely unnecessary stress, but it is interesting that I was working full time last year at this time, and training, and commuting by bike... have I gotten soft?!?
So anyway, this week has been a lot of working from bed, some good and some bad bike workouts, a little yoga (maybe poorly timed hot yoga on the day I was starting to feel sick), some subbing, and taxes.

I finally learned to bring a full sized towel to hot yoga! Then when I sweat a lake onto my mat I can still grip it, and not slip and fall constantly!
I subbed a 4th grade class where the kids were so convinced I should be their 5th grade teacher that they wrote a script for my interview with the school. I don't think I'm cut out to be a 4th grade teacher, but it's fun to play elementry school every once in a while! These kids were wicked smart in math, AND I got to read  'Bridge to Terabithia' out loud to them... best sub job ever :)

When I was sick in bed I read a lot of Mountain Bike Action, and laughed out loud when I came to this page... oh mtb lingo, you are too funny!

And how can you be too bummed by a bad workout when Blackstar Canyon stays green and fluffy all the way through March!?? It was super pretty out, so I tried to focus on the beauty of the canyon and not the pathetic lack of power in my legs! 

This weekend is the last non-race weekend in a long time, so I'm planning on doing some bigger rides, working on the deck and hanging with the hubs as much as possible. The party really starts at Fontana in a week... then it's going to be a real whirlwind!

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