Friday, March 11, 2016

Bonelli Park XCT HERE WE COME!!!!!

Well the weekend of my favorite ever Bonelli race is upon us, and I have to say I have ALL THE FEELINGS right now. Here are a few:

Excited, I love that place and the course, mountain bike racing, all the team Big Bear peeps who put on the race, seeing all the women who will be lining up tomorrow for the first time since last season, and all the things!

Special warm fuzzy feelings. Riding around during my pre-ride brought back all the good fuzzy feelings from last year and it made me smile.

CRAZY scared that I wont live up to my own expectations of myself (and let's be honest, the expectations I think other people have of me) because WHAT IF I CAN'T HACK IT AGAIN!?!?

Somehow weirdly calm. I have this strange calm feeling stemming from the thought that I know I did my homework, I am staying off my feet, I have been training, and yogaing and foam rolling, and taking my vitamins, and doing my core, and hopefully that means I am as prepared as possible to go into battle tomorrow! Oh also I have a wicked fun Hardtail to Shred tomorrow, so that makes me feel ready and calm and pumped too!

So today I rode the course 3 times, twice on the hard tail and once on the full suspension and I think I am leaning toward racing the hardtail. I'm so stoked to have a great time on my favorite course, with my favorite spectators, on the best bike tomorrow! It's hard to contain the excitement, but I'm doing my best to lay low right now, drinking some tea, taking care of a bit of work, and getting my head in the game to fight with every fiber of my being tomorrow. Also, I took a nap earlier :)
See you on the course! And SoCal, you better bring your cheering A-Game because I'm bringing my racing-A game, gonna leave it all out there in the mud tomorrow!!!! :) 

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