Sunday, March 13, 2016

Bonelli Park Like Woah!

What an awesome weekend of bike racing. All those nerves and the anticipation, and excitement, well it was all worth it for 2 beautiful days of racing in SoCal with some crazy fast/fun ladies. I'm going to be 100% honest and say that I'm still a bit hungover, from both the racing and the podium champagne, so a real recap will have to come tomorrow when my brain is working better. Overall I learned a LOT, felt fantastic in the XC on Sat and am very pleasantly surprised with my progression as a bike racer. It's the little incremental improvements that build into being good at something, and I got to see some of the fruits of my labors this weekend in a very rewarding way. 

But like I said, all the details will come tomorrow, for now enjoy these podium shots from Saturday (Sunday's podium wasn't nearly as rowdy).

I didn't shower on Saturday night because Erin helped me out with a champagne shower after the race. 

Larry Longs said I was pulling a Marla Streb at this point. Being compared to her made my day, although I'm not sure it was the best comparison :)
Got to rock the Rad's tramp stamp with pride this weekend... and now Katerina is Strebbing!

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